Monday, December 26, 2005

A Random Jumble of Stuff

I went to Dallas BBQ last week for the first time ever. The place was awesome, loved the smell inside. On the way in, I hold the door open for some people who were leaving, and one of them, a 7 year old girl, says thank you on the way out. Steven and I looked at eachother, thinking "did that just happen?" I never would have expected it. The Dallas BBQ is on 8th ave so I had to ask if they'd deliver to 23rd and 2nd. $25 minimum won't be a problem, soooo good.

Friday night I went to LI to be her perfect date for her company holiday party. We got there and w/all the little kids running around, she just wanted to go to the fake poker tables for the evening. So, we played some hold-em, and I won a DVD player. Def good times. I then hit up my first LI bar experience, and what an experience it was. There were Balco boys (guys on steroids) and guido's and overdressed girls w/nose jobs and well...Lets just say I was overwhelmed. I can't believe how many dirty looking boys wear black undershirts, I'm never doing that again.

I took a double decker train out there. So cool, NJ transit needs some of those :).

My friend "Pink," a recurring character in this journal (here, here, and here) who continues to say the most outlandish things, broke her record. W/all the sexual conversations, and hoolahooping naked w/her sister and crazy boyfriend stories, the comment "I don't like the Beatles, they just don't do it for me. Ashlee Simpson and Lindsey Lohan, I like." blew me away. She's officially the American Idol target audience yet I'm officially categorizing her w/the crazy sister from wedding crashers as the hottest, sexy, crazy girls I've encountered.

For some reason, that seems so much worst than her normal stuff like, "The guy who works in the office next to was leaving the bathroom the same time i was holding like wipes and spray and lysol and papertowels. i'm like 'oh, were you cleaning the bathroom' he goes 'na, i was cleaning my ass.'"

So, my sister had a bit of a babysitting emergency Saturday night, so I made some phone calls and sent some text messages in order to try to help get a sitter for xmas eve. Everyone was very nice, "sorry I can't" and "good luck finding someone" except one "friend," who gave me such shit. This is a Jewish girl, who loves kids, and thought I was friends with. The text convo went like this

Ben: Can you babysit tomorrow night?
Girl: Huh?
Ben: My niece needs a friend to play with tomorrow night
Girl: Not me
Ben: Found one, Thanks (My lil sister had found one)
The next morning:
Girl: I can't believe you asked me that.
Ben: Sorry, it was an emergency and you like kids. I won't ask you for favors anymore. Next time just say you can't.

Then the next day, she told me off online saying how "we're not friends" "I only talk to her when I want something" "I'm not the big deal I hope to be." I've never said anything that mean to the girl. I should have listened to my roommate when he told me she was worthless b/c she killed our plant while we were on vacation and wouldn't tell us for a week and didn't get us another. So, of course, 3 hours later, I bump into her at a bar. Of course :).

I had no clue what to get for dinner Saturday and Sunday nights. Nothing was open and I just was not in the mood for Chinese. I settled on eggs and toast w/butter, cinnamon and sugar...yummy breakfast for dinner.

Sunday morning, NYC was just empty (except for Pick-A-Bagel, which was packed) as I headed to CT for a little cousins only party. I submitted this to overheardnewyork:
$100 bux if he got this order correct -
Girl: "I'll have an everything bagel, scooped out and toasted with five egg whites and extra cheese but not too much extra cheese that it's gooping out, just like 1 slice more than you normally would use. Oh, and make sure the eggs are well done."
- 23rd and 3rd Pick A Bagel

Driving home from CT was just a disaster. The girl driving was my cousins girlfriend and she was a NYC girl, so had not driven in a while. I'd been drinking so wasn't about to drive and it was raining. We must have slammed on our breaks 20x on highways b/c she could not seen the road more than 50 fee ahead. I know its tough to see, but you have to assume that you're on a highway and that the road just does not end in a ravine. So, she's freaking out, slamming on her breaks when we hit puddles, driving 40 with people flying by us. Everytime there was a turn, we'd say something like, "the next exit is yours so make a right." And every time, she'd get close and be like "oh my god! Do I turn here? is this it? Make a right?" and we'd have to reassure her as she barely made the exit in time. I've never seen someone so indecisive and whatnot. We try to suggest speeding up to inline with the rest of traffic so we don't get hit from behind and so that she can just follow a car and not have to worry about lanes and curvy/ending highways. All I'm thinking is that I'm a much better driver than her when I'm 1/2 drunk. So, we get to the west side highway and around the GWB, after we've been on highways for about an hour, she's like, "I'm getting off the highways." We convince her to stay on until 95th street but seriously, you've been driving for an hour in this and you can't handle going from 95th to 58th where the west side highway has lights again? I can imagine "showgun" being something like that. We ask her a yes or no, opinion question and she can't answer them.

Iowa emailed me w/a totally random comment reminiscent of Pink - too funny:
"I had a huge piece of chicken when i came home last night i was still hungry -- and then this morning i had two waffles and two peanut buttercookies (i know i cheated!) i feel like im going to be sick by the time i get to the beach --- with all this crap ive been eating.....i think im pregnant by immaculate conception ---"

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