Monday, December 26, 2005

Some Things I Think I Think

I think the Dave Matthews concert was great, nothing better than finishing off with two step.

I think cell phones are the new lighters. Next time I got to a concert, I'm going to tell my whole section that when we're cheering for an encore, we're all going to take out our cell phones like lighters and waive them. I didn't do it soon enough so we only got 30 people going by the end of the encore, but next time, if a whole big group starts it, we can get the whole stadium doing it by the end.

I think that would be cool.

I think skating in Rockefeller center was tons of fun, esp since Wachovia rented the place out for their client holiday party.

I think 5x a week during Christmas season, someone proposes on the ice, under the tree, and no one ever says "no."

I think my friend Shannon is ridiculously cool, fun, hot, and wish she hung out w/me every day b/c she makes me look so much better than I am.

I think she helped my career, networking, and my firm by coming with me to a couple of my holiday parties last week.

I think this weather causes me to bite off a layer of my lips every day, even when I use Blistex on the way to and from work.

I think the Hanukkah party I went to at the Jewish Heritage Museum I went to with Happyface was fun, though it was a meet/meat market...and I was the target.

I think I'm totally uncomfortable with so many people looking at me and wondering who I am.

I think seeing Himmler’s copy of Mein Kampf really weirded me out. For those of you who don't know, he may be responsible for the deaths of 11M people, but my family, he helped save.

I think I saw a sign to email and I want to email to tell them to back off.

I think I said “good luck” to 4 bus drivers this week, and they all understand how important they are and I trust them much more than I trust big business.

I think someone in my building had sex at 5am last night in the laundry room and my doormen have it on video.

I think my doorman told my roommate that they think it was me.

I think I don't remember having sex last night, esp in the laundry room, and I think I was sober.

I think I checked my cell phone and didn't call anyone after midnight and before 11am.

Thus, I think that if it was me, I'd have bigger problems than the trouble I'd be in with my management company.

I think having a Glade spray in the bathroom is a necessity and I don't want to imagine what people did before matches.

I think I saw a pretty good show tonight that my friend Rachel was in.

I think the theater was packed but that packed means 50 people, 45 of which have some association with the actresses and actors.

I think I should buy myself something nice with my bonus.

I think I'm really going to enjoy having a share down the shore this summer, even if I only go 8 of the 14 weekends.

I think we might need more people, so if you know anyone, let me know.

I think I might be done w/my old journal site - This just seems like its got more to offer.

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