Friday, January 20, 2006

10 new careers

I want to own a bar, and work behind the bar once a month or so.
I want to to be a lawyer, but never practice law
I want to be a cop, but only for the power trip
I want to be a professor, in history
I want to teach 11th grade
I want to be a pilot, both in the Air Force and commercially
I want to start my own company from scratch, and sell actual items
I want to teach or lead scuba diving excursions on a tropical island, nothing to extravagant, just a 20 ft boat and a 20 foot reef
I want to be a Doctor, but don't want to practice, just want to be able to diagnose things and write my own prescriptions
I want to be a movie critic and write articles about really bad movies


Suzanne said...

I get to do the last one for work. We get movie tickets for free, and then we review the movies, me and a friend of mine. It's great fun.

Anonymous said...

What subject would you teach in 11th grade?

Meistro said...

History or Math