Monday, January 09, 2006


I think it happened 2x this week. WTF


Anonymous said...

Is this Museum girl?

Meistro said...


Anonymous said...

aww what happened with the girls, you know thats not really how we think, are that you are totally wrong with that whole statement...:)

Granted when a girl and a guy breakup it doesn't matter what happened or why, but he automatically becomes that loser i dated or that asshole i went out with...unless you stay good friends and then he becomes aww i love him but he wasnt bf material

and being hte "dick" has everything to do with how you treat the girl,
you only become a dick if you are a dick otherwise you become a loser
you dont pay attention to the girl you break up you are a dick
you are so nice to a girl you break up your just a loser

a girl can totally tell if you like her or not, and if you dont she might care or she might stay with you because nothing better has come along so as much as u think she likes you sooooo much, yea she prob doesnt if a girl likes you and you call yea shes going to call back bc she wants to talk to you, if she likes you shes going ot call you for the same reasons

Meistro said...

nothing really happened...people who I had not talked to in like 2 months...randomly messaged me and told me I was an obv they cared, and obv they were still pissed that I didn't like them.

Anonymous said...

Litteraly out of know place these girls IM/Text you and say "you're an ass"???
That I can't explain.
I would have said that they weren't that into in the first place, but if they are getting in touch with you months later to call you names I am one of those chicks who sits bewildered about my gender

Meistro said...

Yes, Miestro is my new name....

It's like this: Imagine that we had gone out 3x, hooked up a lil...talked for another month but didn't hang out...then we didn't talk for 3 months. Then you messaged me to say happy bday and I asked how you were and you said "fine now that all the crazy guys are out of my life" and I'm like, "I hope that wasn't me" and you're like..."acutally, you weren't crazy, you were just a jerk."