Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Gotta Post - PR

Gotta post something before I get yelled at again...

The only good thing about turning 25, besides being able to get 24 year old girls, is being able to rent a car. I'm pretty sure I didn't do that the whole year, oh well.

The steward (though he was as close to a stewardess that a man can be) on my flight to P.R. was nuts. He asked my mom for the comics in her newspaper like 4 times before she went digging for it, found it, and gave it to him. He was also trying to be "smart" by being a little standoffish; however, it just made him look crazy.

I got a text message from Noll when i landed in PR. All it said was "Are you watching the game?" I didn't even know what game he was talking about and when I tried to text him back, it didn't go through b/c we were in PR. I spent the next 2 days trying to find out what happened in what random game on Wednesday night.

I totally have a golfers tan. Different from a farmers tan in 4 ways. My sock line is not a sandal or half way up my calf but is just below the ankle. I have sunglass tan lines around my eyes. I have a left wrist tan line b/c I was wearing a glove on that hand. I have a V neck golf shirt tan line.

My niece has a nickname for me, Ababa, which kinda sounds something like Uncle Ben. I wonder if she'll remember it when I see her next time.

Oh yea, our condo over looked the ocean and the 4th hole of one of the golf courses. So, on Saturday, with everyone watching...I hit a ball off the tee to within 1 foot of the whole. Yea, sports-wise, test-wise, anything w/pressure...and I'm your man...clutch :).

My mom or dad took a picture of us on the golf course that was 10 megs big. Rememeber when computers only used to have 80 meg of space...this file woudl be 1/8 of our whole 1993 computer memory.

I took ambien on my flight last night...it doesn't make me sleep...it makes me go unconscious. I mean, I blinked and we landed 4 hours later. no dreams. Its like no time passed at all. Baby's crying, food cart, none of it happened. I hardly remember my cab ride home and I think I was on the phone for that whole ride. Thank god I took it though b/c w/o that, I would have only gotten 4 hours last night, instead of 8.

Car Accidents are 390x worse than terrorism. Why don't we put some money into safer cars and roads?

And this is one of the funniest videos I've ever seen


Anonymous said...

1 foot from the "hole"

Meistro said...

Bite me....Mom?

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