Monday, January 23, 2006


This is such a lame cop out but I'm totally having writers block. I'm having it here and at work. Its not that I don't know what to write about, its just that I can't put my thoughts on paper and def can't make good sentences out of those thoughts. On here, I'm usually a 3-4x a week, I'm like uninspired or something. At work, its much worse. I usually write 8-10 single spaced pages a of text a day. Writing about my opinions on our investments and what our strategy w/the name should be. Today, it took me 5 hours to write less than 2 pages on Hilton Hotels acquisition of Hilton International...we're going to be funding this $5.71 Billion acquisition and I can't fucking my thoughts on paper.

I reread what I wrote today around 5:30...and it made almost no sense to me. I think I need another vacation...or maybe just a lil work trip somewhere South Beach...Oh wait, I'm already doing that in 12 days...fuck yea!

So, while I can't's something awesome

This aint bad either

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