Monday, January 02, 2006

Only 10

I think I really miss my Hoboken friends. I got drinks w/Dave (my old neighbor) this week and have seen a few here and there, but I do not see JF, DB, AB, DC, LC, JL, PG, AP, EZ, SS, EM, ET, and GH enough. So sad.

I think that bad food can give me a headache.

I think I met a really cool person this week.

I think I'm never paying alot of money for new years. 2 years in a row, it was cheap and easy and loads of fun...and we planned the night as the night went on.

I think my roommates girlfriend is a very good driver...Better than my roommate and I might end up liking her more than him by the end of this :).

I think MB is nuts, and it makes her totally fun.

I think Brita water tastes worse than regular water, but there is so much less floating around in the water.

I think I said 5 dumb things to 4 smart people this week...and they all let me know it.

I think I want to grow my hair long...but I think I'm worried the transition will be painful

I think that 25 was awesome...and I don't think 26 will be better, and that's why birthdays are depressing!!

I know that Puerto Rico is going to be awesome. Fucking awesome.


Steiny17 said...

damn straight it will be...

Betty said...

I am glad I make someone laugh.

josh said...

New to the blog and love it. --Josh