Monday, February 20, 2006

Happy Teacher Week

This week is Teacher week in NY. You can go out for drinks any night of the week and meet a disproportionate amount of public school teachers. They all have off from school this week, and have made plans to go out most nights. If you ever wanted to have a one nighter, or meet a teacher, or hook up w/a drunken teacher at the bar...this is your week.


Anonymous said...

Your homework this week is to complete the following based on these 4 stats:

1. Almost two-thirds of teachers are younger than 27-years old.
2. Nearly half - 42 percent - have just finished college and have never taught.
3. More than one quarter are not fully certified.
4. The majority are single, in debt and struggling.

Objective: Find a 25 year old math teacher who knows less about math then you, buy her a few drinks, and hit that shit. In addition determine the probability that this could actually occur.

Assignment is due no later then Sunday Feb. 26 at 5pm.

Jana said...

HeHe "hit that shit" makes me laugh.
Maybe Deb can help you with your assignment. Not herself, but find you someone I mean.

Anonymous said...

I actually think I know someone who fits that description
Only peripherally though, so I couldn't actually set you up.
Darn, that would have been sweet.

FYI, I only fit #1 of that critria.
teaching xperience, finished Masters Degree, NY State cirtified, no debt, love my job and my apartment.

I am single though... so if you know anyone ;)


Anonymous said...

hmmmm, i do have typo issues though
my bad

Meistro said...

Maybe you guys didn't realize this but I was merely informing the masses of the significance of the week. I was not the one who came up w/the homework assignment...which I unfortunately can't partake in.

Anonymous said...

why can't you partake?

Anonymous said...

i think he has a girl he's no fun...ny teacher your typos were hilarious...and the stats were really based on MA teachers but whatever...

Meistro said...

I don't have a girl...but I've got a busy week...and I don't go out to get laid...and those of you who know me know exactly how I feel about teachers.