Sunday, February 26, 2006


Some things I think I think:

I think I've been to 4 restaurants recently that were cash or American Express. I'm not sure if this is a new trend but I don't think that I went to any restaurants like that in my previous 12 months in the city

I think Tequila is my new drug of Choice. Went to La Palapa and got a pitcher of frozen margarita, then went home and made more, causing me to be in a great mood all night long :).

I think Sunday's with no football / 6 Feet Under / Entourage / Sopranos kinda suck.

I think it was nice giving my roommate a taste of his own medicine this week. His girlfriend was celebrating teacher week in Puerto Vallarta and left him behind alone. On Thursday night he starts complaining that I have not been around all week and he's got nothing to do when he gets home from work. All I could do was laugh, I mean, I think the situation has been the exact reverse for the last 5 months!

I think every girl with 5 extra pounds or more goes out in these horrible shirts now a days. I'm talking about these shirts that are tight around the boob area and then spread out to be very lose around the waist. I understand this shirt might help some people be a little less self conscious, but I think your shirt looks a cross between a prego shirt a boob shirt and a children's dress JonBenet Ramsey would wear to her competitions that you somehow squeezed into. I don't think people should be wearing bathing suit cover ups to bars

I think Sasha Cohen, Sarah Hughes and Emily Hughes are all hot and Jewish ice skaters. I don't think I've purchased a porn ever, but I think I'd buy theirs.

I think I had about 2 months back in November when I had free time, I think those months are over.

I think I saw Newman on TV and I hardly recognized him because I think he lost 200 pounds. I think its great for him to be healthy, but quite bad for his career.

I think I've written about the really stupid sayings on the inside of Dove wrappers, however, I think I got one that said "You look good in red" on the same day I was wearing my red shirt.

I think that I've been totally wrong about being nice to people in my building. Yes, I have to live with them, but I think if my unkindness gets them to move out, and keeps rents low because of higher turnover, then better for me!

I think I got a raise on Friday for no reason at all. I think my superiors think I'm doing a good job and actually want me to stick around for a long time.

I think alot of people don't know anything about hailing a cab in NY. I think people don't realize that if the light is off, there are people in the cab and that if the middle lights and the outside lights are on then the cab is out of service. I also think that people who try to get cabs at the intersections of major roads are idiots. A cab is not going to stop in the crosswalk or in the actual intersection to pick you up, I think you're much better off in the middle of a block.

I think I purchased an external hard drive to back up my computer for the first time in 4 years. I wonder how many people actually do that.

I think I want to kill that fucking groundhog.

Things I lied About This Week:

I told someone that I'm ok with dating a social smoker.

I told someone that I was 33 years old, making me 400 days older than her.

I told someone that I'd read a book I'd never heard of.

I told someone I didn't call them back because I was sick over the weekend.

I told someone that I was allergic to water, and she told me her Dad says that all the time as well. (creepy)

I told 3 people that I liked Norwegian Death Metal and that I started liking it when I went into a store in northern London during the summer after I graduated college.

I told someone last night that it was nice to meet them. It wasn't.


Anonymous said...

not nice to make fun of that shirt...its one of those "girls love guys hate things" and you'll just have to deal.

Meistro said...

That's why I had to write it. A) Every girl has one of these shirts. Even my lil sister who's like a twig. B) Every girl likes these shirts. C) every guy hates them D) I'm sooo right about them, and E) I think comparing them to a 5 year old's dress was freaking histerical!

Don't you get the point of the site? Its to say the obnoxious things through my fingers so I don't walk up to you at a bar and say it to your face. :).

Anonymous said...

i have the gauntlet on in the background, and beth was wearing that strapless top that you posted to your site. ew! that is an example of covering up some extra pounds!

Anonymous said...

Your BIL has an external hard drive...of course!

Sunday night - Grey's Anatomy!

Anonymous said...

1. I like all of the nested links you added to the blog, but it does now take 3x as long to read an entry.

2. I do NOT have one of those shirts because I don’t like wearing shirts that don't have straps. but I do like them and I am jealous of the girls who can get away with wearing them.

3. I loved that you linked the Tommy site when you were talking about the red shirt! it was a nice surprise! a)that means you hopefully like the shirt, and b)the site will probably get a lot of hits because of it... and truthfully, if we start getting any sales that came through your blog, we could start talking about getting you a little commission!

Meistro said...

What's a BIL? I'm not that computer savy.

The shirts don't have to be strapless to be one of those shirts. The example just happened to be.

Anonymous said...

B-I-L is a person

Anonymous said...

About those shirts: I don't understand why you admit that you type comments in your blog so as not to same them in person. This just isn't true. You do say it in person, and you know it.

Anonymous said...

The girl in the picture looks good in that top. Maybe its not bar appropriate, but still definitely cute!!
I agree, you'll just have to deal Ben...