Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Toes - Mike Story

So, one of my new volleyball buddies, who just moved down from Toronto, breaks into this story while we are waiting for the train after our match. I'm going to tell it from his perspective, its better that way.

Ok, so I just finished up this average date and was drunk around the meatpacking area. I'm about to get into this cap and go home and this girl sticks her head out of the SUV and asks me where I'm going and if I want to come along w/her? So, I'm kinda drunk and ready to go home so I say, "na no thanks" and she kinda reaches into her shirt a little and pulls it down and gives me this hot sexy look. Now, I hesitate for a second and then just get into the cab. So about 10 blocks later, they pull next to the cab, I can see that its a guy driving the SUV and the girl in the passenger seat. I roll down the window and she's like, "If you come with us I'll show you my boobs." I can totally tell they are really nice and big and obviously fake and I yell back "show me now." So she pulls one of them out for a second and the cabbie and I are in shock but the light turns green and my cabbie takes off. So I yell to him to hold on b/c I'm drunk and can't think straight and he's like, "pay fair and get out." So I give the guy like six bux and get out of the cab and get into the SUV. I start thinking, they are going to take out a gun, and kill me or she's a working girl or something like that. So I start asking questions like "are they dating?" and "do they always do this?" and "where are we going?" and they just keep dodging the questions but finally just say they are just going to drive me home. So I tell them where I live downtown and they start driving. So, after about a minute I'm like, "so, can I see your tits now?" and she's like "sure" and takes them out and is still facing forward and they are amazing. And we're around my apt by now and the guy pulls over and starts rubbing her tits. And I can't believe what I'm seeing but I can't think of how this is going to end up good. Of course, I ask if I can touch and she kinda turns around into the middle area and I'm playing with them and I start kissing them and grabbing her and whatnot and the guy starts moving the car. He's like "we're infront of a bank, I gotta move it away from the cameras." So we move to an ally and I keep playing w/her and rubbing her and touching her and the guy sticks his hand down his pants and I start to think that he's going to pull out a gun. But no, he just starts playing with himself. He doesn't take it out or anything b/c I couldn't handle that but I keep "playing" for a few more minutes and then I get out of the car and go home. I mean, who are these people? Does this happen all over new york? Where they just a kinky couple?

And I'm like...wow...welcome to NY, Canada.

Ok, so thats my right and left big toes after volleyball tonight. And they are worse than they look in the pictures. I'm starting to think I need new shoes.


Jana said...

That story was awesome and please never post pictures of gross feet (or any feet for that matter) again. I almost threw up on my desk.

Meistro said...

My friend emailed me "I don't know whats more disturbing...that story or your feet."