Sunday, March 05, 2006

End of the Weak

Last year, Hoboken St Patrick's day meant chilling at home while 150 people came in and out and drank 4 kegs. Great relaxing day. This year, Hoboken St Patrick's day meant drinking from 10am until 6pm all over the city. Twas exhausting, especially when you walk around 4 miles during the process. I went to 4 house parties, 4 bars and still didn't see 2 groups of friends I wanted to see.

Saw Lauren and Dave before I headed back to the city. Such good friends its kinda strange to think how random it was that I met them. If my mother hadn't told me to "do something productive with my life" while I was watching TV the day after I graduated from college. Then I would not have moved out of the house 6 days later and would not have ever met them. Crazy Lauren is totally quitting her job June 30th and joining me at the my shore house anytime she can.

Went to Windsor, Canada and Detroit this week for 28 hours to check out some of our gaming investments for work. One of the analysts on the trip had a Motorola Sliver Phone. I'd talked about something like this years ago and they finally made it. Ipod, Good Camera, Phone, all in one. About time. And FYI you Razor users, its so out!

Speaking of razors, I totally forgot one and shaving cream for this one day trip. I told the hotel and they had a shaving kit sent to my room. That was the worst and most painful shave ever. I'm never using a disposable again and the shaving cream was like lotion, not foam.

I think one of the most embarrassing stories I heard was about a girl waking the guy up at 5am to say "wanna fool around" and him thinking she said "wanna turn around." So he turns around and goes back to sleep and she's just sitting there like What The Fuck.

At some point of drunkenness, Karaoke becomes a sing along. Especially in a private room, the microphones become unnecessary and anyone who can see the big screen, kinda just sings.

During a CBS broadcast of a college basketball game, a girl fell off the top of the pyramid and needed to be taken off in a stretcher with a neck support on. As they wheel her off, the band starts playing and she starts moving her arms to the cheer. Was the most absurd thing I've seen this week. I'll never understand the cheerleader, never.

Question of the Week:

Do you like to hear that a possible love interest is experienced, or even a story about a past lover? does that turn you off or make you like them more b/c that means they are a hot commodity? If I told a girl that when I was in Puerto Rico, I met a girl and we made out on the that bad for a new interest to hear?

Personally, hearing about a girl's past love life kinda makes me jealous, but makes me want that person more (if I've not hooked up w/that person yet). But I also think that I don't want to hear stories like that b/c I kinda like to think of people as virginal. With girls, and I could be wrong, I think they might like to hear that I dated a pop singer or princess, giving them some justification / credibility for their decision. For me, I don't need to hear that other people liked my girl for me to like her, for others, it could be different. Thoughts?

Later this week, "Book Report"

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Anonymous said...

I just saw a news clip about that cheerleader... it was the weirdest thing ever!
She broke her neck and she still had the fake cheerleader smile and doing some sort of routine with her team!