Tuesday, March 21, 2006

FL and stuff...w/o thinking

Incase you didn't read. Last month there was 1 unit of Iraqi soldiers that could fight, now there are ZERO.

The guys next to me tonight at Blue Smoke must have ordered $100 worth of food. It was absurd how much was on their table. Too bad we didn't stay to watch them eat it all.

Blue Smoke, or any BBQ place, is 3-1 guys to girls. If I were a girl, I'd def hang out at a bar at a bbq place.

If I were a guy who wanted to become a gyno, I think I'd just become a waxer. It would be much easier to become one (20 min course vs 6 years of school), and you'd prob do ok if you talked gay. Additionally, girls who get waxed are prob much cuter and younger than the old women w/gyno issues you'd have to look at on a normal basis.

I finished A Million Little Pieces. Cried a lil at the end. Then read the Smoking Gun report on how much is fake. It only took me an hour to read. Its like 50 pages long. Still liked the book, but not as much, though I'm glad it wasn't all real.

I've decided that if I buy a book, and read it, and like it, I'm going to give it away. Before I give it away, I'm going to write my name on the inside cover, and tell all that read it, to A) write their name down and B) pass it along. There's no reason for book shelves, none.

This is my building.

I went down to Florida this weekend to see some old friends and my old roommate and meet her boyfriend. Good times as always. Jess is doing great down in FL, so weird that I lived w/her for 2 years (and in the dorms for another 2) and then we went 3+ years w/o seeing eachother. Now, I've seen her 2x in 6 weeks and I hope that trend continues, she's awesome.

I did alot of sunning, a lot of walking on the beach a little drinking and a little watching of chicks on mechanical bulls.

I played softball w/some hardcore exbaseball players for my friends rec league. I show up in my yellow t-shirt, blue bathing suit and am a HUGE target in right field. I have not been this nervous about a sporting event since nationals my junior year of college. I have no played baseball 7th grade and softball since senior year of HS and have not ever caught fly balls, ever. So I'm out there in right field, using my awkward athletic abilities to catch everything thats sent my way. I prob made 2 errors (mostly letting a guy get 1 bases on a single and stuff like that) but didn't drop any balls or let anything get past me. YAY me. I was still nervous 10 min after the game, kinda silly, kinda real, kinda silly.

I learned that a plane is usually going 180-190 mph before it takes off and that the infield fly rule can apply to balls outside the infield at the umpires discretion. Depends on if the umpire thinks it is an easily catchable ball where if he dropped it intentionally, he'd be able to get a double play.

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