Saturday, March 04, 2006


Questions of the weekend:

How long can you not wash a pair of jeans that you probably wear twice a week? Would 3 months be unacceptable?

After you brush your teeth, do you rinse out with water or just spit? Did you ever notice that the people on TV shows only spit, never rinse? Does anyone in real life do that?


Suzanne said...

The jeans answer is easy. Sure, 3 months is fine. Most expensive jeans today come from a factory that will actually roll the jeans in a pile of dirt and garden refuse before putting them on the rack, so giving them a quarterly wash is like...totally fine.

I never understood the teeth-brushing thing. I always have to cup water with my hands and splash my face and rinse out that way, as it washes the foamy bits from the corners of my mouth and rinses my mouth out at the same time. Maybe celebrities don't have this "rabid dog" problem, but I sure do.

Anonymous said...

you wash your jeans when one of these things happen first(all usually before 3 months) a) you spill something on them and make them dirty b) the fit changes..girls jeans are tight when u wear them a lot they get not so tight then u need to rewash to re shrink..mine is usually every 2 weeks but rotate my 4 favorites every day bc i decided jeans to work is the new dress code for myself .......ooh and i wore sweats to work on friday...i do not think they were happy!