Monday, March 06, 2006

Robin's Story

I'm interested in your perspective as a dater, just interested in how you would interpret something. I had told this guy i would meet him friday night. We talked on the phone once, on IM a little, he seemed normal enough. A few hours bfore we were supposed to meet, my co-worker sends an email saying two of his friends backed out going to see spamalot. I felt really bad cancelling b/c i'm too nice, so i figure whatever, i'm sure he'll say no- but i'll see if he wants to just meet in the city, see the show- but i didn't intend on paying for his ticket- since we had never even met. So when i ask, i tell him the situation, tell him the price of the ticket, the location of the seats and ask if he wants the other ticket.

If a girl presented that to you, a girl who you'd never met, and told you the price of the ticket, would you think she was going to pay for you? If someone ends up with an extra ticket to something, and tells me the price then i believe it's implied. It's awkard to say "you have to pay for your ticket" on the phone.

So he said he loves broadway, why not. There was no chemistry- we both felt that. He didnt think it was a match either, said that specifically. I waited to for him to do something before i asked about the ticket b/c i felt bad just sending a random emial. So after he said he wasn't interested, I sent him a nice email about how i realize he must have forgotten and he's like "Very cute with the ticket thing, i almost thought you were serious!" Ya, that was his literal response. He's 32, it's not like he's a stupid kid. He lives at home with mom and dad though. I wrote back and said there must be a misunderstaning and that i did not intend on paying for a broadway ticket for a blind date. Yada Yada and that if he could not afford it or chose not to pay it, i would not bother him about it.

Well i understand being upset over paying for dinner, but a broadway show....why would i do that????? I wouldn't expect a guy to pay for me for a broadway show who i had never met.

Ben's Opinion: NOW YOU KNOW HOW EVERY GUY FEELS AFTER A BAD FIRST DATE!! I can't imagine calling a girl after our date and saying something like "I know I offered to pay for dinner, but I wasn't sure yet if I wanted to go out again. Now, I'm sure I don't, so can you please send me a check for $60? I'll send you a stamp if you need one." SUCK IT UP ROBIN, AND TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF THE NEXT GUY WHO TAKES YOU OUT TO MAKE UP THE LOST CASH!


Anonymous said...

first off....WHO GOES OUT WIHT A 32 YEAR OLD WHO LIVED AT HOME!!!! i wouldnt even go out with a 32 year old who has a reach a certain age you should be living alone....and if finacially you need to be living with som1 your not any1 i would date anyway....ok so first date..blind date..why on earth would u want ot put yourself in a forced situation where you cna be like ok i am goign ot go, you actually have ot sit thru a whole show....thats stupid right there...and a guy who LOVES bway plays...its ok to like them or be like i enjoy them from time to time..but loves it all depends on how she asked him if he wanted the ticket...if she was like do you want the other ticket implies im giving it to you..she could have been like"i dont kno if you want to spend $$ on a first date but if you want to let me know" or something along those lines....i have an extra ticket means you are paying...and on that...i wouldnt ever pay for my own ticket anyway if it was a date...and where did he take her to much was dinner...did he expect her to pay for dinner....why on earth would u wait till after hte date to ask for the should haev been given when hte ticket was..after that it was a lsot did they both talk about not being interested(i think it should be duscussed after everyday bc waiting ot find out sucks) and if he was like well i didnt think there was chem thast so embarassing i would die fi sum1 said that to me (no1 ever has thank god) she could have been like we are better off as friends..and being in a "Friends" situation its less weird ot ask about hte money...hes obvi a lsoer i mean we knew this from the fact he was 32 living at home...every1 i told things shes a lsoer for htinking hed pay...adn she has ot suck it up..learn from your past never shell out cash on a first date with a guy you dont know and just laugh at the fact hes going nowhere in life :)

Anonymous said...

just wanted to let you know that guy thought that the tickets were "free" since i was offered them at the last minute- still a schmuck - Robin