Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Some Things

Some Things I Think I Think:

I think going to work without a belt on is kinda like going to school in your underpants except the girls are the only ones who can see while the boys kinda know something's off but can't figure it out.

I think I was craving Popeye's today and the place happened to be closed. Crazy coincidence, considering I can't stand that food. I think I'd love if there were a Boston Market within 15 blocks of my office.

I think I was watching Big Love, the new HBO show about polygamy, and commented how I think I could pull that off (3 wives).

I think I was talking to my 3rd roommate today and he's like "You think you could pull it off? I'm doing it with 6 girls right now, and they don't even know about eachother!"

I think I don't care who you picked to win any game in the NCAA tournament. I think that people who tell everyone who they are picking is kinda like people who tell everyone about their bad beats in poker, no one cares but the person talking.

I think that Cadbury Mint Chocolate bars are amazing, and I think I've been having one piece a day for the last week just to savor it.

I think that taking a 3 hour nap on Saturday, and a 4 hour nap on Sunday really screwed up my week. I think it caused me to fall asleep at 3am Sunday, yay 4 hours of sleep before the work week.

I think I need to go to Florida this weekend. I think my whole family is somewhere between 3,000 and 6,000 miles away and I see no reason to stick around for the weekend.

I think I thought THIS was funny. I think I might go to hell because of it, but picturing it happening is just like a good scene from a bad movie or a bad scene from a good movie. Either way, I think the people I'd offend by laughing couldn't hear me laugh anyway.

I think THIS was pretty funny too. I think I love Ambien even more now.

Posted askbens, really good stuff I think, but I have no idea.


Anonymous said...

That CNN article is kind of funny in one of those *REALLY* sad ways….ya know? Sort of like some minister in Texas who died baptizing a baby. I thought it was hilarious until I learned that the minister was apparently one of my friend’s mentors.

Anonymous said...

come on! you can't even handle ONE woman, and you think you could handle 3?

sw :)