Sunday, March 26, 2006

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I love how when you in the middle of a book, but you're at work or something, and you end up daydreaming about the characters. Usually a sign its a good book.

Why isn't Twas in the spell checker?

We actually won our volleyball match, so we went 1-9, and my sisters came, yay, they rule.

Somehow, I only got 2 right, the site said it was inverse abilities.

There's this thing called Spa Week going around the country where you get discounts at spa's or something. Just thought I'd let you guys know if you had not seen

I bumped into one of my old college friends, Lauren, at the gym today. She was wearing a Rutgers Volleyball t-shirt that I sold her soph year. I think we are going to see Vendetta on Thursday, since she loves that Matrix stuff and X-Files and whatnot.

How do fat people clean their belly buttons? I've been having trouble cleaning mine lately. Might be that big fat roll that's in the way

The H2 and H3 have no place on this planet. They are Dune Buggies made for driving on the moon. If you have one, and are not driving on the moon, then I don't know what you are doing with them. And, if you have $60,000 to kill on a really bad car for Earth (double meaning), why not spend $120,000 and get the H1, the real army hummer. Of course, I think this guy who covers me at Bear Stearns, who drives his pimped out yellow H2 from his upper east side apt to work downtown every day is the coolest guy.

This is a great freaking law. The "whisper something in your sleep and you get an instant divorce" law. Its kinda like they improvised on the movie Beetlejuice.

It's been 10 years since that stupid Meatloaf song and I still don't know what he wouldn't do for love. (ya know, "I would do N - E - Thing for love, but I won't do that")

My little sister got promoted after working for 6 months out of school. I've been working for 4 years, have yet to get promoted. She is now the Assistant Merchandiser and Planner for e-Commerce at Tommy Hilfiger.

Ok, I'm usually humble and whatnot, but this is fucking cool!! My mom came to get lunch w/me on Friday and got me a plant. I think I need 5-7 more plants before it looks done. I like plants and since I don't have a family, I'm not putting pictures up everywhere like everyone else :). Anyway, she took some pictures.

Check out my OFFICE!!

Things I Lied About This Week:

I told someone I got a "D" in Handwriting. Now that is actually true, but I said that it was in 9th grade, that it wasn't a subject, but that my teacher hated my handwriting so much, she added a special subject for it.

I told someone I actually enjoy feeling like I'm going to puke after I work out really hard

I told my mom that constantly feel dizzy and naucuous unless I'm drinking alcohol.

I told "Jenn Bull's Head" that I would call her this weekend.

I told someone that pulling the kinda sister swap would be easy (ie, you're friends w/one sister, but you want the other), it's not. It's damn hard. I don't mean to get on a rant here, but the real sister swap is virtually impossible (where you're dating one sister, and want the other). The only way that can work out is if you're a character in some bad 80's slasher flick and you're married to one of the sisters. In that scenario, you'd be able to pull it off, actually, you've prob been pulling it off for years, but you're def gonna die by the end of the movie.


Anonymous said...

I did the brother swap before, and did it quite successfully for a period of time. Until within a period of about 4 months, I had both of them tell me they were in love. And their mom HATED me and they were best friends too. They looked similar…I just thought the older one was hotter. Here’s the story: I dated/hooked up with the younger one (who was still older than us) in high school but I always had a huge crush on the older one. The first time I kissed the Younger one, I remember thinking i wished it was the older one. I jokingly told my friends that it was ok, because one day in college or after we were going to meet up and fall madly in love. Then, one summer when i was home from school and bored, the younger one suggested i hang out with his brother (the older one) because he was home and bored, too. So we did, and totally hit it off, but that was not at all what the younger one had in mind. First the younger one didn’t like it but said he would have to deal obviously, but he just didn’t want me to sleep with his brother (considering I was a virgin at that point). The older one knew that I had dated and hooked up with his brother…I mean in high school I would come over. So I lost my virginity to the older one, I mean, he was like my high school obsession. The younger one was obviously so upset. I saw him last summer at an engagement party and he wouldn’t even make eye contact, and its been like 6 years. He was like stay away from my dad.

Meistro said...

Wow, that's totally Inventing The Abbots. I wouldn't be able to talk to you or my brother again. This is why its great that my best friend and my roommate have totally different types than me. However, my cousin went on a date last week w/a girl I dated for like 2 months. I don't really care. I have no feelings toward her, but she prob hates me since I started dating a girl from her HS a few days after we broke up. We became friends after a few months, but after another few months of talking every day, I got an email from her saying that it was unhealthy if we remained friends. I kinda think its screwed up that either would even want to pursue the other, but I really don't care, I like um both.

Anonymous said...

it is very easy to do a brother swap very hard ot do a sister swap bc sisters have more respect for eachother....this guy on jdate kept tryin ot hang out with me im like dude u dated my sister....(granted i think if there was no sex dating doesnt count so much) but he was like i always hu with sister, either he hus wiht sluts and is perverted or a pathetic liar....ive dated first cousins...but didnt sleep with either so neither count....haha dude you friends first boy was prob jsut pissed he didnt get to take the v card...kinda dick of his bro. like hmm im putting my mouth where his cock thats gross!!! i actually had a really embarassing brother story....but i wont tell u bc ull freak haha :)