Thursday, April 27, 2006

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First: Darfur. There's are rally in DC on Sunday and anyone who can should go. If you can't then just talk to someone about what's going on or read online about what's going on. We need to educate the public so we can all get behind the military and actually do something to stop a horrible horrible genocide. I joined a group called 3g, which is slightly activist, slightly educational, and slightly fun. Its for 3G's or 3rd generation Holocaust survivors. Anyway, they had a talk about Darfur, and are organizing busses to take people to DC for the day. Obv, its something very important, and there are too many similarities for every Jew not to be very very upset by what's happening over there. My sister gave a speech last week infront of 27 people, educating them, and she's going on Sunday. If you can, go, if you can't. Read, Listen, and write letters to your congressmen. If you want to find a bus to get down there, shoot me an email.

Flight 93, too soon? I understand that you don't want to watch the movie...or that it makes you feel weird and sad and upset...but to say its too soon is not appropriate. 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years after the attacks, there were specials on TV, about the events, families that lost loved ones, and tales of heroism. We're now up against 5 years since it happened. Now, just because it would be painful to watch, just as those TV shows were, does not mean its too soon or inappropriate. For some, Schindlers List was painful...that doesn't mean it should not have been made or was too soon or inappropriate. The people who's family members were on that flight are supporting the movie, and, our feelings, though powerful toward the day are nothing compared to theirs.

I was watching VH1's 40 greatest pranks yesterday. #27 was the prank of the missing "W"'s from the computers at the White House. They quoted Ari Fliesher saying how he would have written "wow" when talking about the damage but all he could write was "o". Of course, the biggest prank was actually that this never happened. The White House said they would document all the damage but Republicans in congress were so upset, they ordered a GAO (Governmental accounting office) investigation. The investigation concluded that there was no damage that wouldn't be expected in a transition of a long tenant. The real prank was so good that most people still think its true, including VH1. PROOF

I wrote to my 2 Croatian e-pals last week (I've asked some gramaricists and they told me e-pals was the proper term). Anyway, they both wrote me back, even with the 6 month hiatus, but I won't be seeing either of them anytime soon :(.

Letter from my boy Dan, in Sri Lanka:

"Yeah I am okay. The bombing was actually quite close to my office. I don't feel really personally in danger, yet, but it is a bit tense as people now think fullscale war is on its way back. Though before I came people were saying the same thing after several killings and then there was peace talks. That is the weirdest thing about this conflict is that it seems at any moment there might be a return to war or a breakthrough in the peace talks. But for now it is stuck in some purgatory that no one seems to know what is happening next. The analysis I here (wildly pro-government) is that since the Tigers just got banned in Canada and now maybe also the EU very soon, they are trying to provoke an ethnic backlash by the Sinhalese majority so that they can turn around and claim to therefore be defending the oppressed Tamils. That still is their claim but they are increasingly looking like a terrorist group rather than 'freedom fighters' as many many Tamils want nothing to do with them. There was supposed to be peace talks in Geneva this week and so far the govenrment has gone out of its way to be restrained and accomodating so that the TIgers have no pretext to blame the government for the failure of the talks. The idea is to expose the Tigers for not being serious about peace (wish Israel would try this!) But after an attack on a senior military commander (head of the army) there was retaliatory military attacks in the east last night.

So the hardest thing for now is just fearing that the country is about to fall apart before our eyes. Being white I am actually safer since they try not to get foreigners invovled less they bring down the wrath of foreign governments who often are rather neutral on the conflict.

As long as there are not attacks on civilians in Colombo I feel okay.

So, that is a day in the life in Colombo. I was plannign a trip towards the northeast this weekend but have to see what happens since where I want to go is towards the rebel territory. Plus I was told not to travel at night around there because cars get attacked by wild elephants!

If only the paper I am writing was as thrilling as the rest of Sri Lanka..."

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