Sunday, April 09, 2006

Ten Reasons Tonight Might Have Sucked

I had 4 parties to go to, went to the one I thought would be the most fun. Prob should have gone to the other ones w/my better friends, they might not have sucked.

It felt like everyone was looking at me like I'd done something wrong. Being paranoid sucks.

As I talk to my roommates friends, they just don't seem as friendly as normal, my roommates friends suck.

As I talk to people I don't know, they just don't seem as friendly as normal. Girls suck.

Maybe I'm just a little manic tonight, my mood turned upside down for no good reason. Being manic sucks

I need to cut my hair b/c this long hair thing might suck. thing just isn't getting a good reception

I think the shirt I was wearing might suck

My friends who I didn't hang out w/are going to give it to me for not showing up. That's gonna suck.

I bumped into an ex's good friend. It's that ex's bday on Monday. That fucking sucked.

I need to stop focusing on what I can't control, (meeting the right person) and work on what I can (opening my bar, starting LNF, starting the BSS (wow, that venture will have the same initials as me, that's a sign)). Focusing on what's important, but not controllable sucks.

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