Sunday, April 09, 2006

Thinking about the Shore, Sunglasses, Jellybeans, NYT

I think that in NY, its proper form to wear tacky $5 sunglasses you buy from street vendors. I think almost everyone does it.

I think that they should outlaw black jellybeans. They must cause 5-10 deaths a year simply from gagging.

I think girls have it easy when talking about their male friends, they have "guy friends" and they have "boy friends." There's nothing like that for guys to use, only "girl friends."

I think I told 3 bartenders, when asked how I was doing, that I was just happy I wasn't passed out and puking up blood yet, but that I prob wouldn't be able to claim that later in the evening.

I think Scrubs is Family Guy w/real people in a hospital. The flashbacks and quick random scenes make them very similar.

I think the guys on the street that hand out menu's and passes to strip clubs have started giving me advertisements to different barber shops. Its like they see me coming and the know I have not had a hair cut in 4 months.

I think if you're a JETS fan, you've got to dread the draft.

I think Pink continues to entertain me during the day with emails like "I was on the phone with my gf and i go 'ooh, the boss's son is here. I want to fuck the shit out of him.' I didn't realize my boss was in hearing distance and then he comes over and goes, 'my son, really?...thats funny.'"

I think my 3rd roommate just questioned that if he can call 10 girls right now to hook up with, how many guys can each of those girls call?

I think this guys is a freaking idiot and I think I love stuff like this.

I think that walking up to a girl and saying something like "we'd look really cute together" is not a good line.

I think that I had a dream about my shore house last week.

I think my dad sends editorials to the New York Times, just to show me who's the better writer. He claims that he had 4 of his 6 entries published.

I think I've started putting random guys collars down when I see them with popped collars. I just walk up behind them and say, "hey, you're collar is screwed up, let me fix it for you." Then I give them, and their friends, a piece of paper with this website on it and tell them to "check it out."

I think that the F/V subway smells, and has ugly people on it. Worst subway line in terms of aesthetics.

I think this is something silly for Passover.

I think if Harry Potter was a real person, he would have committed suicide after the 5th and definitely after the 6th book?


Anonymous said...

i want to hear about the shore house dream


Anonymous said...

I think once you get a letter in the Times, you get preference from that point on. I have had 3 out of 4 letters published.


Jana said...

Do you know they make bags of only black jelly beans? They are my favorte. Don't discriminate.