Saturday, April 22, 2006


Bad Story:
I lost my notebook last week in New Jersey. I write everything in it, including notes about future postings and my grocery list. I left the notebook in my grocery cart at the ShopRite. Maybe it was a sign that I should not have been buying so much bread on Passover, but even w/my address in it, I doubt I'm getting it back. The only bad thing about losing it was that I need to get a new one...oh yea, my most best man speech was in it too...but I think I wrote and edited it enough times that its mostly memorized. Anyway, its hurt my writing a little bit.

Pure Silliness When You Picture It In Your Head:
I was in a race this week. Me vs My Water Bottle, and I lost. That might sound preposterous, but after the gym, I put the water bottle in the elevator, hit 12, and ran the stairs. It was at 11, on its way back down, when I got to my floor. I estimate my loss was 8 seconds. WOW was I spent, I'm going to win that race by the end of the year.

Random Conversation, Witty Line:
I was talking to a waitress about her stay in prison, and now she's a writer, and she wanted to ask me questions, so I gave her my site. I then told her I don't judge people, I'm just judgmental. She said w/stuff like that, I must be a writer.

To Be, or Not to Be...Taller?
I had 3 people tell me this week that they think I got taller. Now one of them I saw over a year earlier, but maybe its time I measured myself. Not that it matters, I mean, does your actual height actually matter?

New Theory (possible topic of a dissertation):
My job revolves around research. The base of knowledge I could know is infinite. For example, no matter how much I work, and how much I know, there will always be more work and more to know. Thus, as a percentage, I will always know nothing. ( 10 / infinity, or 1,000 / infinity both equal ZERO). Therefore, there is no reason to do any work at all. I think its a phenomenal theory. Phenomenal.

How Did I Forget!:
I wrote about the best inventions of all time a few months ago....but I left out my favorite!. My fake binoculars (I'm not sure if that's the site I got them from) have been awesome accessories for me for the last 4 years. At Billy Joel on Wednesday, my friend got trashed for on $4 worth of alcohol....that's just awesome.

Where Did All the Good Times Go?"
My roommate went to Arizona and like normal, got me a shot glass. He's in the Bahamas now and I'm sure I'll get another. I don't know how its possible we only have 10 shot glasses or so. When I got to college, I had none. I prob purchased 10, stole 10, and was given 10 and I left college with 5...I don't know where they went. He's prob given me 10, I've prob given him 10, and somehow we have about 7. Where do they go?

Who Are These People And Where Do They Come From?:
Apple, Moses, Suri, Lourdes. We all know what these words have in common. Some idiot celebrity picked them out and named their kids with them. Why can't a celebrity name their kid Michael, or Lauren. WTF.

New West Coast Word, or Meaning:
I was talking to my cousin who lives in Cali. He was talking about how he was "macking" it to some girl. I figured it meant he was hitting on her and she was receptive. Apparently, it means they were making out, or hooking up. I had no idea. Caused some confusion. Is this new or was I always wrong about the definition.


Anonymous said...

"Mackin it" has been around for about 20 years.

Meistro said...

I've heard the word, but I guess it always meant hooking up...that's where I was confused.

Anonymous said...

it means both. depends how you say it. I was mackin it to some girl(i was hitting on her). This girl and i were mackin all night long(we were hooking up all night). im going to go mack it to her(im going to flirt)...its one of THOSE words.

Randi said...

I completely disagree. I'm pretty well versed in my lingo knowledge... and "macking it" has never meant hooking up. Thats why there's the term "hooking up". "Macking it" means hitting on, or anything of the like. You are, and always have been, correct in this instance, Ben. :)

Anonymous said...

"Mackin it" can mean whatever the user intends, sort of in the same way people say "hook up" as have sex or just hang out with friends.

Anonymous said...

"I lost my notebook last week in New Jersey. I write everything in it, including notes about future postings and my grocery list. I left the notebook in my grocery cart at the ShopRite."

I could have called them. I go there all the time and I'm sure there is a lost and found.

Meistro said...

Thanks Mom