Monday, May 29, 2006

Ben's World, Shore Time, Excellent

Quick summary for everyone:

The characters:
12 people in the house, only 7 came this weekend (8 for 1 night). 5 guys, 7 girls.

The Lifestyle:
Our days and evenings were pretty standard. Wake at 11, beach around 12, back by 5, showering and cards and drinking, dinner at 8, bars at 10, home at 2...then late night hanging for those who are troopers. This was standard for most of us, with one outlier passing out by 12 every night because she was drinking one day. I can't imagine this routine changing much through the summer, though I'd like to spend less than $314 every weekend.

The House:
The house situation was great. We have an average sized living room, kitchen, dining room, basement, and 3 bed rooms. Since Tom and I are full shares, we pretty much have one of the rooms to ourselves. I worry that people might be unnecessarily sleeping on the floors, but if they don't speak up, they'll have to deal.

The Nightlife:
The bar scene was interesting to say the least. The men's heads looked different, but all had the same body: blue jeans, tight dark colored t-shirt, arms slightly bigger than normal looking, and necks that were almost nonexistent. The girls who were intermingled in this ocean of interchangeable heads were quite classy to put it sarcastically. They strutted around with these unfriendly looks on their faces, tons of make-up, big hair (I didn't think the 80's Jersey stereotype was still true), and exposed breasts. I can't complain about the eye candy, but sometimes too much skin isn't a good thing. Per the usual protocol, I didn't really talk to anyone I didn't know. This was fine by me. I hate to sound like an elitist bitch, but I really didn't want to talk to most of the people I was in the same bar as. I even said something (while drunk) like "I wonder if anyone is wearing a shirt that cost more than mine (it was a $50 shirt The Factor made me buy). Now the girls at the beach...I def wanted to talk to them :).

I know I've referenced THIS ARTICLE numerous times, but I've been seeing too many pink shirts lately, especially this weekend, so let me reiterate from the article "Pink shirt: I don't give a shit what any of these fashionistas say, pink is not the new blue. Pink is fucking pink. Quit watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and put on a game. Ever notice that no sports teams in any league have pink anywhere in their uniforms? Not even the WNBA. Pink is the color of flowers and hippie's hair. No man should EVER wear this color in any way. EVER. If you wear a pink shirt at any time you are a douchebag. You look like a pussy and a sissy, and I want to shit down your throat. Especially when you wear a pink shirt with a..." (popped collar)

The Beach:
Totally crowded with people of all ages from everywhere. Our house lines up with the surfing area of the beach, which may become slightly annoying when the water is warm enough to swim in. Elissa was the first to brave the frigid water, and when she described the experience as "life affirming," I decided I'd prob be waiting until July 1st. I'm not sure how this happened, or was possible, but I was surprised at how good girls look. Since I hadn't seen skin in 8 months, it was almost a shock that my mind wasn't prepared for.

A Couple Fun Stories:
The Chainsaw was in full effect Saturday night. I was making bets with The Bridge that The Chainsaw would cut himself down and out of a fun night with a cute girl. The Bridge was so sure he was money, and we'd warned her of his previous mishaps, but she was still confident in his closing abilities. Now she knows that next time we'll all need to help, and by help, I'm talking about using The Skillet. (ok, I know no one will have any idea what this is about, but if you were there, you'd know, and I obv know, so ask).

Not only did I drunk text, but I buzz texted, trashed texted, and even worse, I texted the wrong person. Good times.

Within a 25 minute period, LGOP, had water dripping from her chin, cheese stuck on her cheek, and poppy seeds stuck in her teeth. I kinda wish The Bridge didn't tell her about any of them, she prob would have walked around like that all day...what a mess.

Two hot surfer girls at the beach did ask me, of all people, to watch their stuff while they got food. I was pretty close to going over and chatting it up with them when they got back, but they decided to cuddle with each other instead. Yea, I didn't see that coming at all.

Nobody really took pictures until Sunday night, and that was Steven grabbing The Bridge's camera and taking 24 pictures in 5 minutes. It was as if no one was in any rush to document the weekend...just incase.

Tom became almost beligerently competitive during card games. He claimed he was psychic during golf. He dominated Asshole. He broke some fingers during ERS, and was just a horrible Rummy 500 player. That didn't stop him from talking trash, lotsa trash.

Not Enough Random Things I heard:
"I want to get pregnant but I don't want to be a fat person" - Randomly on the beach

"And that is how I almost got arrested last night" - Random 16 year old guy - I wish I hadn't missed the beginning of the story

"Are you more like the Jake Gyllenhaal or Heath Ledger of the story?"

"How much would you cost to suck dick" - Come on, inappropriate

"This Coke is so..o...o good." LGOP - Dude, its a coke...

"There are so...o...o many above ground pools in this area its ridiculous" Dude, its just a pool. It might be time to slow the use of the so...o...o's and ridiculouses.

New Games:
Ipod Ass Slapping Game: If the song playing at the bar is on your Ipod, slap an ass. Beware, some people have elaborate playlists and are not afraid to use them.

Egyptian Rat Screw Drinking Game: If you lose a slap in, you gotta drink.

Rummy 500 Drinking Game: Still in its developmental stages, but I'll come up w/it by the end of the week.

Girls Don't Pay for Drinks at the Bar, Game: Yea, I don't remember deciding to play this game, but the 3 nights somehow warped into it. I don't mind it, actually, ask my girls, I always play, but I sensed some private rumblings, and thus this game's rules might need to be altered (slightly).

Ten Things I Think I Think About the Shore:
I think our house is so much nicer than I thought it was going to be. I think I was expecting a frat house looking apt, and we got a summer cottage-ish thing. I think OCD hooked us up, bigtime.

I think the people in our house are really awesome. Obv I knew 4 of them beforehand, but from what I can tell, I think the others are mature, independent, responsible chill and fun. Its nice when people can be alone, or together, and everyone can do their own thing, or hang as a group, and nobody has to be babied. I still don't think I understand bad roommate stories, its really not that hard to be cordial, and respectful.

I think I need to keep better track of the things we either randomly heard or said, so that we can post them on the fridge. I think some were just absurd, yet surprisingly unmemorable (prob shouldn't be drinking so much.

I think I'm happy that we're closer to the bars, and farther from the beach...than the other way around.

I think gimic drinks are always a rip off. When the bar tender sells them to you for $7, even though they are $9, I think that pretty much confirms it.

I think my problem solving skills continue to amaze me, I know Shorebabe, I love myself blah, blah, blah.

I think I searched twice for good bagel places and have come up empty handed, esp within walking distance. I think we might have to resort to frozen bagels.

I think the guys just dominated late night asshole, but I think I was dominated 5 of 6 times during daytime asshole.

I think my roommate might have had the best time of all of us, and he missed 30 of the hours. I think he was able to hit the beach, see some girls kissing, see some nakedness, have a girl climb into bed with him that wasn't his girlfriend, and still wake up alone that morning. Does it get better? :).

I think I like calling people from the beach, and I think I like it even more when they called back.

Video of a Girl Who'd Crush Those English Guy's Spirits

Final Thoughts:
The best part of this weekend was the sense that I was on vacation. It didn't feel like a normal weekend, it felt like I was going on vacation, and I'll be going on vacation again in 4 days. Additionally, I've miraculously lost that feeling I used to get that I'm missing out on something by not being at home. The kind of feeling you'd get when you go away for the summer, or for a semester, or even a volleyball tournament the weekend after midterms. Strangely, that anxious feeling was gone, and I was able to fully relax into my surroundings.


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Interesting Morning

2 Strange Things -

I was evactuated from work and I saw a large plane being escorted around the city by military jets and one had nothing to do w/the other.

I was given the afternoon off when there was a flood in the elevators or something like that, and the building would have to shut power, and turn off the AC's. Lucky me. I still have to go back in tomorrow for a 1/2 day.

So I venture onto my rooftop, to do some reading, and a large 4 propeller plane flies overhead about 500-1,000 ft with 2 small planes behind it and 2 F-16 type planes behind that. I watch as the planes just circle lower Manhattan and make another pass directly over me. I run downstairs, grab my camera, and on the next pass, the military looking planes are gone, but the 2 smaller trailing planes are still there. I took some pictures, which you can see below. I tried to take a video, camera was stupid, but I need a new digital this summer. I was kinda hoping they'd shoot it down. Boy were those jets loud. Prob circled the city 10x, for an hour or so.

Does this kinda thing happen often while I'm at work?

Follow up - Apparently, this may have had to do w/fleet week. Oops

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Some Not So Interesting Stuff

Media Guide:
Both my sisters, and my brother in law's voice were on TV today and yesterday, all due to the fact that my brother in law to be was winning $$$ on WWTBA millionare. My lil sister was also referenced, along with 1/2 of her company, in this New York Post article

Athletic? Ha!
I've joined my company's corporate basketball team, because they need height, and I've realized that I'm still not athletic. Basketball is an athletic sport, unlike volleyball, which is a skill sport. I've reverted back to that HS kid who's a tall, goofy, skinny, unathletic, white boy. At least I can play defense, but don't look for me to score.

Things I Lied (to someone?) About this week:

I told someone that I was applying to be a reviewer for Newsweek, it was Newsday.

I told someone that I had writers block, when I'd just been taking bad notes lately.

I told someone that I was an architect, knowing that she was.

I told someone that I would definitely have time for her this week, but I knew I wouldn't.

I told someone that I was totally confused about my head, but its screwed on correctly.

I told someone that I was tired and going to bed, but I was going out instead.

Random Quotes:

"How can I consider settling down when there are so many other girls I'd still like to try out?"

"I'm buying you your whole bathroom, when I visit, you better let me use it."

"Thank you for dinner last night. I had a great time"

Movie of the Day: (A Kick Ass Movie, wait 45 seconds)

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Is it possible that driving a purple mini van can give you the shits?

Is it possible that someone who's 24 could have made enough money on their own to afford a 6 carat diamond like its nothing?

Is it possible that anyone would actually want a ring that big? I mean, you can't ever take the subway again, you can't ever walk anywhere alone, even during the day, and you can't ever even go to a concert. I mean, who wants to carry around over $100,000 on them every day, not me. (no, I'm not talking about my sister's ring!)

Is it possible that I only enjoy drinking during the day, and not really at night?

Is it possible that a girl who only responds to 1 of 5 messages, really does like me and is as excited to talk to me as she says she is?

Is it possible that I could find someone I like who my family likes, as much as they like the other new family additions?

Is it possible that the guys I'm going to see out at bars this summer at the shore are going to disgust me so much that I won't want to be in the same establishment as them (I think so). For example, my "Shore Babe" described the scene tonight "went out to hang with my friend for her bday but some of my friends took forever to get ready and by the time we got to the 1st place the line was nuts so we waited forever and then got in and i couldn't find her, got groped by nasty guys and then left to go to this other place and she calls me, so we go to the other place and its just horrible....guys with sunglasses and popped collars and they all think they can touch you if they want to" Is it possible that I won't enjoy myself at all?

Is it possible that my roommate's ex girlfriend is crazy, like seriously delusional? She may be passionately crazy.

Is it possible that I could write 4 speeches for my best friends wedding and not like any of them? Is it possible that I'm just not a verbal writer, but more of a thoughtful writer?

Is it possible that my volleyball teammate left a house party at 2, (the same time I went home for the night), and went out clubbing until 7am, as she professes to do all the time?

Is it possible that people actually do what the homeless guy in GCS's cardboard sign offers? "Tell me off for $2" Is it possible that everyone thinks that sign is as funny and entertaining as I did?

Video of the Day - Human Frogger

Monday, May 15, 2006


Videos are the hot new forward. I've got a few here I've watched more than 1x, if you guys want to see some funny stuff.

The Price is $420, Bob

Girl Walks Into A Pole

If Al Gore Were President

The President Practicing His Speech

The Most Disgusting Video Ever. Courtesy of my brother in law, if you have a weak stomach, don't watch. Of the people who saw this when it actually happened, 3 puked and 2 had heart attacks. Article Explaining What Happened (for those who couldn't watch)

New AskBenS

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Much Thinking

This is What I Think About My Baby Sister Getting Engaged Yesterday!!

I think David is an awesomely smart, funny, corny, witty, fun, charming, clever, ambitious, opinionated, honest, mature, respectful guy.

I think its nice that hell need no introductions, since he's been a part of our family for a few years now.

I think that, based on that ring, he did very well in Millionaire (broadcast on TV next Monday and Tuesday), or he expects to do very well as a lawyer. I think I can't wait to see how well he did, and that I took the half hour off from work to watch at 12:30.

I think during the first 10 minutes after you get engaged, you should write down the story of how "he did it." I think it should be no longer than 5 sentences because I think that you'll have to tell that story 80-100x over the next 2 days.

I think that telling people in a specific order of importance is so absurd. I think that if you are going to tell people, tell them when you talk to them, no need to not tell them because you didn't tell your friend who's a better friend or something. I guess people think that people will tell other people before you get to tell them. Like you need to tell my aunt, who's blood related before you can tell my uncle...seriously. :).

I think if one more person says "you're next" to me, I'm going to tell them "no, actually I'm gay." Ironically, I think my Aunt told me tonight that I look like my cousin, who's gay, with my goldish hair.

This is What I Think About Mother's Day:

I think I have the best mother ever. Though I think I might regret saying that b/c I think she might read that and start crying.

I think I have no idea what to get my mother, ever. I think maybe I should do what she used to do for me when I was 6. I think I'm going to start a collection for her and then I'll get her a similar thing for all 4x a year I need to get her something.

You all know what I think about flowers.

I think I get a stomach ache every time I eat way too much at my grandma's country club.

I think it was worth it for that 6 tiered chocolate fondu waterfall, the homemade chocolate chip cookies and the Haagen Daz ice cream bar.

Other Things I've Been Thinking About This Week:

I think my hair is long, blondish red and I like it. I think I like the fact that lotsa guys are losing their hair and I've got a whole love of thick crap ontop of my head.

I think I hit my boss in the face with a foam football when he called me Barbara b/c that's the first name of the lead singer of the band Blondie. I don't think he'll be calling me that again.

I think I had a good time at the Devils game on Saturday. I think that Burnttoast showed me an article that explained my dream from last week means that I'm immature and insecure. I think that's not really accurate.

I think I called 3 people out this week for using a double negative. I think that's my new favorite thing to pick on people for. For instance, when something says "I can't do nothing about it," I'm going to say, "Well, go ahead and do something it about it then." When they give a crazy look, I'll give it write back and say, "If you're going to use english, you might want to learn it. When you say you can't do nothing, it actually means that you can do something. My first grade teacher can tutor you, here's her number."

I think the past tense of bit, is bit, not bitten, but I could be wrong. I hope that's not on the GMAT's.

I think that when someone calls me and does not leave a message, I'm still going to call back. I think people should call me back when I do the same. What's the message going to say? Prob, "Call me back."

I think I'm still surprised that I've switched to Pepsi over Coke. I think I always thought I'd like one better and that would never change.

I think I'm excitement for my shore house has nothing to do with the beach, the sun, the alcohol, the bars, the dancing, or the eye candy, but new friends, and hopefully good new friends.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Flowers and Anxious for Emails

I may have written about this before, but I really don't see how giving flowers to someone makes any practical sense at all. From a carnivores prospective, giving someone flowers is like saying "Wow, those are really nice, I'm going to kill them in their prime and give it to this person I like, so they can watch these flowers die a slow death on their coffee table." Can you imagine if it were the same thing with animals? "Hey honey, I saw this really cute puppy on the street, so I purchased it, owner killed it for me, and now you can watch it decompose slowly on the dining room table or your bed stand. Isn't he cute?" At least when you're eating a fruit or vegetable, you are actually eating the plant (though its in its prime and you are eating its reproductive organs). With flowers, you just like to look and smell for aesthetic purposes.

I hate going onto the Yahoo home page, while at work, and seeing that I have five new messages. Up until this week, I was able to get my yahoo email through a secondary server, but website is now being blocked. Now I have to wait until I get home to check my email, realize its all junk and delete it.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Book Report

Makeyoucrawl sent me this book, along with chocolates, in exchange for other presents. She did my new book trick, put her name on the inside, which I will do too, and pass it along. I should have really enjoyed it. Twas about a guy. He is a really smart, finance guy. He's at the top of the world. He's a billionaire. He’s 28. He takes a trip across 47th street, which is 1 block from where I work, so I know all of the sites he talks about. Additionally, he has sex, he has lotsa weird conversations. He gets a haircut, all while stuck in traffic on the way to work. The reason I'm writing "he" so much is because that's how the book is written. This so called "author" starts almost every sentence with "he" and it makes the book so aggravating to read. The author jumps around from story to story, with strange time gaps and I have no idea who he's talking about because he write "he" when talking about everyone. He’s inside the limo, then he’s inside a store, then I don’t know what’s going on until I read 2 more pages. I didn't even figure out the main character's name until page 20 or so.

Let's just say, the book is 200 pages of big words and it took way too long to read. It was almost painful. If I had the exact same story in my head, I'm 94% sure I could have written it better...too bad I suck a writing.

Monday, May 08, 2006


Someone told me to do little short entries instead of longer ones since the litte ones are easier to read. I listened to that advice, and have done the exact opposite.

Speaking of Opposites:
What's the opposite of bother? I'm hoping its entertain, or maybe even entice. Very cute text, but seriously wish I'd get more actual responses :).

Masochism, I'm Hooked:
I completed the Great Saunter on Saturday. Its a 32 mile walk around the whole exterior of the Island of Manhattan organized by I ached, I hated it, I walked really fast through the whole thing, and I still don't understand why people do this. Some of the friends I met along the way told me it was for the endorphins you feel for the following week. It's 3 days later, I'm not feeling them yet.

5 Questions W/My Baby Sister:
"How was the walk? Are you still in pain? When did you decide to do it? How was ac? Who did you go/stay with?"

The walk was great, I flew, didn't stop the when second half while I found good walking partners and realized that every time you stop, it takes about 10 minutes before you are up to full speed again. 32 miles in under 10 hrs, and we made it to post time (when the horses go off at the beginning of the Kentucky Derby), that was our goal. These walking partners were 50 year old former marathon runners, one runs 50K's now (31 miles) through the woods and stuff. Of course, after 15 min of hanging with me they were setting me up with their friends daughters and whatnot. I'm in quite a bit of pain. My muscles don't hurt and my joints are recovering but my blisters are painful as is the thigh rash I developed...that's killing me. I decided about 2 months ago, one of my friends told me she was going to do it too...of course, she bailed. AC was ok, I couldn't really walk, and didn't really party like the rest of the guys Sat night, and I lost $250 or so. Dan won $2,000 in a poker tournament, which was cool, and I def didn't mind getting out of the city for a little. We stayed at Bally's, Dan/Christine/Adam/Scott and myself.

Someone's Not Happy with the Globalization of the Textile Industry:
Some guy to me at 59th and Lex at 8am "If you front and show up at my family's place, I will kill you dead and now" Every time I read it I understand it less and less. But I think he was saying in between, "give me all of your money" and "ignore me."

Dreaming of You:
I had a dream that my 60 year old Aunt was pregnant. I had a dream that I met my friend Amy at a bar, but she was really fat and didn't look like herself and had short hair (I hate short hair normally). I decided we could still be friends. I had this dream again, I'd say I have it every six months. I'm finishing up college finals, maybe my last semester, and I realize that I forgot to drop that class I signed up for and never went to. Now I'd fail that course, b/c obv during finals is a little to late to drop it.

Daydreaming of the Future:
Driving back from AC yesterday, I came up with an awesome way to write my speech for Josh's Wedding. I'm almost excited to do the research on it. I think it'll be something he'll really appreciate, and something that everyone else will think sounds like really good writing.

Summer of Fun (and Live Music):
I've filled up my live music schedule for the summer. I have a few extra tickets to each, which I'll be selling on Ebay, if none of you speak up and tell me you want to go. I think it'll help break up my summer into a pretty decent one.
June 20, Tom Petty, MSG
July 19, Bon Jovi, Giants Stadium
Aug 5, Dave Matthews, Randa'ls Island
August 11, OAR, PNC Bank Arts Center

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Ben Glossary

People always tell me, "Ben, I don't get you at all." Not that this glossary will help, but at least you'll be able to get my views on some of the most important things.

First - Relationship Q&A's

Bar Rules - Male Vs Female

Proper Use for Sick Days

Spring Cut Day

2nd Annual MGTW

Olympic Thoughts

Hat's and Scarves

Vegas Stories are Meant To be Told

Snow and Dogs in the City

Snow Is Not News

Talking Weather

How to Stay Broken Up

Annoying People on the Street

A New Annoying Person on the Street

Jersey Shore Life

Full Of Opinions

NFL Combine Attempt #1

Black Magic Party

This is Why I'm Hot

What to do with the Aruba Boys

Male vs Female Friends

Airplanes and Porn

Knowing When You Are Old and More on Hetero Friends

A Crazy Story That Created Some Rulesto Dating Friends

April Fools Day Prank

Purim is a Messed Up Holiday

The One Minute Rule

Baby Karma

Actors are all Gay and the Dumbest Girl Ever

25 Things (I hate) about Facebook

Raisins and Nightstand Water

Where Whistling is Allowed

Wierd Sneezing Rituals

Jewish Thoughts and Netflix Rules

Thoughs on Chick Flicks

Wicked Witch of the West

Deer Hunting

Top 11 Reasons Guy's Pay for Dates

Top 11 Reasons Guys Pay, When there is Only 1 Real Reason

Bad eyesight should have created 2 human races

The Jdate Manifesto

Jdate Makes Me Fat

10,000 Days Old!

Things That Surprise Me

Opinions on things that all happened around the same time

The Greatest Inventions

Uncle Ben Babysits

Strip Club Rules for Guys w/Girlfriends

How to End a Chain Letter and Man Rules

Tech Guys

The Fresh Prince Concept Flaw

New York City Rules

Crazy Girl Quotes

Being Cold and the Preemptive Hookup Theory

Cereal Box Tops

Train Karma

2008 Election

Purim Thoughts

My New Building's Issues

Stem Cells and Iraq are the Same?

Walking by People You Know
More on Walking Past People

The "Like That" Break-up Speech

Good Essays and Stories

Grandma's Voicemail

Letter From a Girl's Grandmother
Follow Up Letter

Book Report
Book Report #2
Book Report #3
Book Report #4
More Reports
Some Reviews

The Summer Pact

Mikes Absurd Story and My Toes

Set up w/the Tailor's Daughter

Worst Date Ever

Worst Weekend Ever (Flamingo)

Puke Happens

AK Ties Together

Q&A w/myself

Q&A w/my Fav Actress (4 years later, I don't even remember who this was)

Speaking Of

The City is too Small

Marry Jewish?

Fashion Manifesto

Brother-in-Law in Marathon

My Best Man Speach
My Best Man Speach #2
S My Name Is Sherry

My Top 10 Choices for Careers

Pink's Rules for Life

The WTF Girl (and Voting on Responses)

Character Essay's:

Why Ben is Always the Dick

Ranting on the State of the World When Pissy

Roommates Friends Piss Me Off (sometimes)

Pressuring Myself to the Top

What Pisses Ben Off

When Ben Gets Drunk

Ben Freaking Out Under Exam Pressure

Idiot Boy
Idiot Boy #2
Idiot Boy #3

The Things I Think and Do Not Say


Ben's/Everyones? Dilemma

Life Purgatory

Yad V'Shem Trip

Lucky to be Unhappy

Birthday's are NOT for Me

Everything's Fine in '09

Introducing Jami

Middle Child Syndrome

My Trips:

California - Nov 03

Denver - Dec/Jan 03/04

Arizona - April 04

Vegas - June 04

Israel - Nov 04

Denver - Dec 04

California - Dec 04

Vegas - Jan 05

Florida - Jan 05

Denver - Feb 05
Denver - Feb 05 Pictures

Croatia - Aug/Sept 05

Dave and Lauren's Wedding - Oct 05

Denver - Nov 05

Puerto Rico - Jan 06

Florida - Feb 06

Forida - March 06

Vegas - June 06

Denver - July 06
Denver - July 06 Pictures

Chicago - August 06
Chicago - Pictures

Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia - August - Sept - 06
Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia - Pictures

Boca Raton, FL - Nov 06
Boca Pictures

Puerto Rico - Nov 06
Puerto Rico Pictures

San Fran - Thanksgiving 06
San Fran Pictures

Arizona - Dec 06

DS^2 Wedding - Jan 07

Hoboken St Patricks Day w/Videos - March 07

Israel - March 07
Israel Pictures

Denver - May 07
Denver Pictures

France / Spain - Aug, Sept 07
France / Spain Pictures

Denver - October 07
Denver - Pictures

Florida - Feb 08
Florida - Pictures

Israel - March 08 (a few articles)
Israel - Pictures

Denver / Breckenridge - April 08
Denver / Breckenridge - Pictures

Bethesda MD for Passover - April 08

My First Cruise - August 08
Cruise Pictures

Los Angeles - Sept 08
LA Pictures

DC - November 08

Egypt - February 09
Egypt Pictures

Austin Texas - March 09

Summer 09 - The LIRR Summer
Pics Pics Pics Pics

Weekend in the Pocono's - July 09 (Pics Imbedded)

Israel - August 09
Israel Pictures


My Youtube Videos

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