Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Ben Glossary

People always tell me, "Ben, I don't get you at all." Not that this glossary will help, but at least you'll be able to get my views on some of the most important things.

First - Relationship Q&A's

Bar Rules - Male Vs Female

Proper Use for Sick Days

Spring Cut Day

2nd Annual MGTW

Olympic Thoughts

Hat's and Scarves

Vegas Stories are Meant To be Told

Snow and Dogs in the City

Snow Is Not News

Talking Weather

How to Stay Broken Up

Annoying People on the Street

A New Annoying Person on the Street

Jersey Shore Life

Full Of Opinions

NFL Combine Attempt #1

Black Magic Party

This is Why I'm Hot

What to do with the Aruba Boys

Male vs Female Friends

Airplanes and Porn

Knowing When You Are Old and More on Hetero Friends

A Crazy Story That Created Some Rulesto Dating Friends

April Fools Day Prank

Purim is a Messed Up Holiday

The One Minute Rule

Baby Karma

Actors are all Gay and the Dumbest Girl Ever

25 Things (I hate) about Facebook

Raisins and Nightstand Water

Where Whistling is Allowed

Wierd Sneezing Rituals

Jewish Thoughts and Netflix Rules

Thoughs on Chick Flicks

Wicked Witch of the West

Deer Hunting

Top 11 Reasons Guy's Pay for Dates

Top 11 Reasons Guys Pay, When there is Only 1 Real Reason

Bad eyesight should have created 2 human races

The Jdate Manifesto

Jdate Makes Me Fat

10,000 Days Old!

Things That Surprise Me

Opinions on things that all happened around the same time

The Greatest Inventions

Uncle Ben Babysits

Strip Club Rules for Guys w/Girlfriends

How to End a Chain Letter and Man Rules

Tech Guys

The Fresh Prince Concept Flaw

New York City Rules

Crazy Girl Quotes

Being Cold and the Preemptive Hookup Theory

Cereal Box Tops

Train Karma

2008 Election

Purim Thoughts

My New Building's Issues

Stem Cells and Iraq are the Same?

Walking by People You Know
More on Walking Past People

The "Like That" Break-up Speech

Good Essays and Stories

Grandma's Voicemail

Letter From a Girl's Grandmother
Follow Up Letter

Book Report
Book Report #2
Book Report #3
Book Report #4
More Reports
Some Reviews

The Summer Pact

Mikes Absurd Story and My Toes

Set up w/the Tailor's Daughter

Worst Date Ever

Worst Weekend Ever (Flamingo)

Puke Happens

AK Ties Together

Q&A w/myself

Q&A w/my Fav Actress (4 years later, I don't even remember who this was)

Speaking Of

The City is too Small

Marry Jewish?

Fashion Manifesto

Brother-in-Law in Marathon

My Best Man Speach
My Best Man Speach #2
S My Name Is Sherry

My Top 10 Choices for Careers

Pink's Rules for Life

The WTF Girl (and Voting on Responses)

Character Essay's:

Why Ben is Always the Dick

Ranting on the State of the World When Pissy

Roommates Friends Piss Me Off (sometimes)

Pressuring Myself to the Top

What Pisses Ben Off

When Ben Gets Drunk

Ben Freaking Out Under Exam Pressure

Idiot Boy
Idiot Boy #2
Idiot Boy #3

The Things I Think and Do Not Say


Ben's/Everyones? Dilemma

Life Purgatory

Yad V'Shem Trip

Lucky to be Unhappy

Birthday's are NOT for Me

Everything's Fine in '09

Introducing Jami

Middle Child Syndrome

My Trips:

California - Nov 03

Denver - Dec/Jan 03/04

Arizona - April 04

Vegas - June 04

Israel - Nov 04

Denver - Dec 04

California - Dec 04

Vegas - Jan 05

Florida - Jan 05

Denver - Feb 05
Denver - Feb 05 Pictures

Croatia - Aug/Sept 05

Dave and Lauren's Wedding - Oct 05

Denver - Nov 05

Puerto Rico - Jan 06

Florida - Feb 06

Forida - March 06

Vegas - June 06

Denver - July 06
Denver - July 06 Pictures

Chicago - August 06
Chicago - Pictures

Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia - August - Sept - 06
Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia - Pictures

Boca Raton, FL - Nov 06
Boca Pictures

Puerto Rico - Nov 06
Puerto Rico Pictures

San Fran - Thanksgiving 06
San Fran Pictures

Arizona - Dec 06

DS^2 Wedding - Jan 07

Hoboken St Patricks Day w/Videos - March 07

Israel - March 07
Israel Pictures

Denver - May 07
Denver Pictures

France / Spain - Aug, Sept 07
France / Spain Pictures

Denver - October 07
Denver - Pictures

Florida - Feb 08
Florida - Pictures

Israel - March 08 (a few articles)
Israel - Pictures

Denver / Breckenridge - April 08
Denver / Breckenridge - Pictures

Bethesda MD for Passover - April 08

My First Cruise - August 08
Cruise Pictures

Los Angeles - Sept 08
LA Pictures

DC - November 08

Egypt - February 09
Egypt Pictures

Austin Texas - March 09

Summer 09 - The LIRR Summer
Pics Pics Pics Pics

Weekend in the Pocono's - July 09 (Pics Imbedded)

Israel - August 09
Israel Pictures


My Youtube Videos

Some Rosh/Hollo Pictures
House Party W/Pictures
The Fam at a Wedding
My Girl's First Day Picture
Black Magic Party Pictures
Brewtopiafest 06 Pictures
Halloween 06 Pictures
Rutgers - Louisville Game 200606 Pictures
New Years 06-07 Pictures
Halloween 07 Pictures
Holidays and New Years 08
28th Birthday


Anonymous said...

I dont think this should really count as an entry considering you didnt post anythign new - just sort of a 'best of ben' entry.. and for those of us who have read pretty much all of your entries, this isnt anything new. so dont think you are off the hook for a few days - i am still actively waiting a new and original posting

Anonymous said...

After sifting through a montage of your musings, I think it's odd to have so much insight on someone I don't personally know very well, and who barely knows me. Especially since your behavior in person is different from the postings. Not sure if that's good or bad, but it's definitely a little unnerving.

Meistro said...

First, it took me like 3 hours to put all of that together...sifting through all the crap to get all the good stuff. But yes, I'm a posting or 2 behind, I've been sick and busy. Second, I'm sorry that my written personality is different from my physical one, however, my fingers are quite interesting, and much of that list is quite old. Additionally, if I knew who you actually were, I could help push you in the write direction. However, as I've told almost anyone who's ever read this, I do it for fun, entertainment, for my friends, to remember...and thus much is not sincere, embelished, and obnoxious.

Anonymous said...

My god, it's a fucking clip show! Everybody hates those episodes, but they watch them anyway just in case there might actually be something interesting.