Thursday, May 25, 2006

Interesting Morning

2 Strange Things -

I was evactuated from work and I saw a large plane being escorted around the city by military jets and one had nothing to do w/the other.

I was given the afternoon off when there was a flood in the elevators or something like that, and the building would have to shut power, and turn off the AC's. Lucky me. I still have to go back in tomorrow for a 1/2 day.

So I venture onto my rooftop, to do some reading, and a large 4 propeller plane flies overhead about 500-1,000 ft with 2 small planes behind it and 2 F-16 type planes behind that. I watch as the planes just circle lower Manhattan and make another pass directly over me. I run downstairs, grab my camera, and on the next pass, the military looking planes are gone, but the 2 smaller trailing planes are still there. I took some pictures, which you can see below. I tried to take a video, camera was stupid, but I need a new digital this summer. I was kinda hoping they'd shoot it down. Boy were those jets loud. Prob circled the city 10x, for an hour or so.

Does this kinda thing happen often while I'm at work?

Follow up - Apparently, this may have had to do w/fleet week. Oops

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Anonymous said...

I think its fleet week