Sunday, May 14, 2006

Much Thinking

This is What I Think About My Baby Sister Getting Engaged Yesterday!!

I think David is an awesomely smart, funny, corny, witty, fun, charming, clever, ambitious, opinionated, honest, mature, respectful guy.

I think its nice that hell need no introductions, since he's been a part of our family for a few years now.

I think that, based on that ring, he did very well in Millionaire (broadcast on TV next Monday and Tuesday), or he expects to do very well as a lawyer. I think I can't wait to see how well he did, and that I took the half hour off from work to watch at 12:30.

I think during the first 10 minutes after you get engaged, you should write down the story of how "he did it." I think it should be no longer than 5 sentences because I think that you'll have to tell that story 80-100x over the next 2 days.

I think that telling people in a specific order of importance is so absurd. I think that if you are going to tell people, tell them when you talk to them, no need to not tell them because you didn't tell your friend who's a better friend or something. I guess people think that people will tell other people before you get to tell them. Like you need to tell my aunt, who's blood related before you can tell my uncle...seriously. :).

I think if one more person says "you're next" to me, I'm going to tell them "no, actually I'm gay." Ironically, I think my Aunt told me tonight that I look like my cousin, who's gay, with my goldish hair.

This is What I Think About Mother's Day:

I think I have the best mother ever. Though I think I might regret saying that b/c I think she might read that and start crying.

I think I have no idea what to get my mother, ever. I think maybe I should do what she used to do for me when I was 6. I think I'm going to start a collection for her and then I'll get her a similar thing for all 4x a year I need to get her something.

You all know what I think about flowers.

I think I get a stomach ache every time I eat way too much at my grandma's country club.

I think it was worth it for that 6 tiered chocolate fondu waterfall, the homemade chocolate chip cookies and the Haagen Daz ice cream bar.

Other Things I've Been Thinking About This Week:

I think my hair is long, blondish red and I like it. I think I like the fact that lotsa guys are losing their hair and I've got a whole love of thick crap ontop of my head.

I think I hit my boss in the face with a foam football when he called me Barbara b/c that's the first name of the lead singer of the band Blondie. I don't think he'll be calling me that again.

I think I had a good time at the Devils game on Saturday. I think that Burnttoast showed me an article that explained my dream from last week means that I'm immature and insecure. I think that's not really accurate.

I think I called 3 people out this week for using a double negative. I think that's my new favorite thing to pick on people for. For instance, when something says "I can't do nothing about it," I'm going to say, "Well, go ahead and do something it about it then." When they give a crazy look, I'll give it write back and say, "If you're going to use english, you might want to learn it. When you say you can't do nothing, it actually means that you can do something. My first grade teacher can tutor you, here's her number."

I think the past tense of bit, is bit, not bitten, but I could be wrong. I hope that's not on the GMAT's.

I think that when someone calls me and does not leave a message, I'm still going to call back. I think people should call me back when I do the same. What's the message going to say? Prob, "Call me back."

I think I'm still surprised that I've switched to Pepsi over Coke. I think I always thought I'd like one better and that would never change.

I think I'm excitement for my shore house has nothing to do with the beach, the sun, the alcohol, the bars, the dancing, or the eye candy, but new friends, and hopefully good new friends.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ben, for the nice words about our engagement! We are very excited and I hope you will be glad to have another brother in the family! Also - in regards to the whole calling people order thing is silly, but the point is, that it is much better to hear the news from the source as opposed to hearing it 2nd hand. I still get very excited telling others about it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me feel welcome in the family, although the only one of those adjectives I can honestly accept is Corny.

I actually think the idea of telling people in order is somewhat antiquated and is a remnant of a time when communication was not easy (15 years ago) but now that we have email and cellphones, communication is simple. Back then, it took a lot of effort to tell someone something, and so if you showed that effort it meant something. But nowadays communication is so simple, there is no thought that goes into contacting someone. Just rambling i think now...

Also with all this talk in your post of engagement and about how you think she is great, there is no question that your mother is crying right now...

Anonymous said...

Directly preceding your discussion on "learning english" you used the word write instead of right. You used a double negative yourself, in an abstract sense.

Meistro said...

I'm fully aware of the hypocracy of my writing. Thanks for letting everyone else know!