Sunday, May 21, 2006


Is it possible that driving a purple mini van can give you the shits?

Is it possible that someone who's 24 could have made enough money on their own to afford a 6 carat diamond like its nothing?

Is it possible that anyone would actually want a ring that big? I mean, you can't ever take the subway again, you can't ever walk anywhere alone, even during the day, and you can't ever even go to a concert. I mean, who wants to carry around over $100,000 on them every day, not me. (no, I'm not talking about my sister's ring!)

Is it possible that I only enjoy drinking during the day, and not really at night?

Is it possible that a girl who only responds to 1 of 5 messages, really does like me and is as excited to talk to me as she says she is?

Is it possible that I could find someone I like who my family likes, as much as they like the other new family additions?

Is it possible that the guys I'm going to see out at bars this summer at the shore are going to disgust me so much that I won't want to be in the same establishment as them (I think so). For example, my "Shore Babe" described the scene tonight "went out to hang with my friend for her bday but some of my friends took forever to get ready and by the time we got to the 1st place the line was nuts so we waited forever and then got in and i couldn't find her, got groped by nasty guys and then left to go to this other place and she calls me, so we go to the other place and its just horrible....guys with sunglasses and popped collars and they all think they can touch you if they want to" Is it possible that I won't enjoy myself at all?

Is it possible that my roommate's ex girlfriend is crazy, like seriously delusional? She may be passionately crazy.

Is it possible that I could write 4 speeches for my best friends wedding and not like any of them? Is it possible that I'm just not a verbal writer, but more of a thoughtful writer?

Is it possible that my volleyball teammate left a house party at 2, (the same time I went home for the night), and went out clubbing until 7am, as she professes to do all the time?

Is it possible that people actually do what the homeless guy in GCS's cardboard sign offers? "Tell me off for $2" Is it possible that everyone thinks that sign is as funny and entertaining as I did?

Video of the Day - Human Frogger


Anonymous said...

Here's what I got:
No, Yes, Yes, No, Yes, Definitely (where Definitely means it's not just possible but actually will happen; though the newest addition's waking me up at 7 AM is really just not as awesome as it sounds, and your words are kind), Yes, No, Yes, Yes, No (everyone's like this; if I could pull that kinda crap off, I'd have graduated; p.s., look at your blog, in case you think you don't know how to write), Yes, Probably not (though anything is possible, I doubt it really happens), No

Anonymous said...

im very sad you think you might not have fun :(