Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Some Not So Interesting Stuff

Media Guide:
Both my sisters, and my brother in law's voice were on TV today and yesterday, all due to the fact that my brother in law to be was winning $$$ on WWTBA millionare. My lil sister was also referenced, along with 1/2 of her company, in this New York Post article

Athletic? Ha!
I've joined my company's corporate basketball team, because they need height, and I've realized that I'm still not athletic. Basketball is an athletic sport, unlike volleyball, which is a skill sport. I've reverted back to that HS kid who's a tall, goofy, skinny, unathletic, white boy. At least I can play defense, but don't look for me to score.

Things I Lied (to someone?) About this week:

I told someone that I was applying to be a reviewer for Newsweek, it was Newsday.

I told someone that I had writers block, when I'd just been taking bad notes lately.

I told someone that I was an architect, knowing that she was.

I told someone that I would definitely have time for her this week, but I knew I wouldn't.

I told someone that I was totally confused about my head, but its screwed on correctly.

I told someone that I was tired and going to bed, but I was going out instead.

Random Quotes:

"How can I consider settling down when there are so many other girls I'd still like to try out?"

"I'm buying you your whole bathroom, when I visit, you better let me use it."

"Thank you for dinner last night. I had a great time"

Movie of the Day: (A Kick Ass Movie, wait 45 seconds)


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"I told someone that I was tired and going to bed, but I was going out instead."

you said that to me this week...

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this whole lying thing makes me nervous.