Monday, May 08, 2006


Someone told me to do little short entries instead of longer ones since the litte ones are easier to read. I listened to that advice, and have done the exact opposite.

Speaking of Opposites:
What's the opposite of bother? I'm hoping its entertain, or maybe even entice. Very cute text, but seriously wish I'd get more actual responses :).

Masochism, I'm Hooked:
I completed the Great Saunter on Saturday. Its a 32 mile walk around the whole exterior of the Island of Manhattan organized by I ached, I hated it, I walked really fast through the whole thing, and I still don't understand why people do this. Some of the friends I met along the way told me it was for the endorphins you feel for the following week. It's 3 days later, I'm not feeling them yet.

5 Questions W/My Baby Sister:
"How was the walk? Are you still in pain? When did you decide to do it? How was ac? Who did you go/stay with?"

The walk was great, I flew, didn't stop the when second half while I found good walking partners and realized that every time you stop, it takes about 10 minutes before you are up to full speed again. 32 miles in under 10 hrs, and we made it to post time (when the horses go off at the beginning of the Kentucky Derby), that was our goal. These walking partners were 50 year old former marathon runners, one runs 50K's now (31 miles) through the woods and stuff. Of course, after 15 min of hanging with me they were setting me up with their friends daughters and whatnot. I'm in quite a bit of pain. My muscles don't hurt and my joints are recovering but my blisters are painful as is the thigh rash I developed...that's killing me. I decided about 2 months ago, one of my friends told me she was going to do it too...of course, she bailed. AC was ok, I couldn't really walk, and didn't really party like the rest of the guys Sat night, and I lost $250 or so. Dan won $2,000 in a poker tournament, which was cool, and I def didn't mind getting out of the city for a little. We stayed at Bally's, Dan/Christine/Adam/Scott and myself.

Someone's Not Happy with the Globalization of the Textile Industry:
Some guy to me at 59th and Lex at 8am "If you front and show up at my family's place, I will kill you dead and now" Every time I read it I understand it less and less. But I think he was saying in between, "give me all of your money" and "ignore me."

Dreaming of You:
I had a dream that my 60 year old Aunt was pregnant. I had a dream that I met my friend Amy at a bar, but she was really fat and didn't look like herself and had short hair (I hate short hair normally). I decided we could still be friends. I had this dream again, I'd say I have it every six months. I'm finishing up college finals, maybe my last semester, and I realize that I forgot to drop that class I signed up for and never went to. Now I'd fail that course, b/c obv during finals is a little to late to drop it.

Daydreaming of the Future:
Driving back from AC yesterday, I came up with an awesome way to write my speech for Josh's Wedding. I'm almost excited to do the research on it. I think it'll be something he'll really appreciate, and something that everyone else will think sounds like really good writing.

Summer of Fun (and Live Music):
I've filled up my live music schedule for the summer. I have a few extra tickets to each, which I'll be selling on Ebay, if none of you speak up and tell me you want to go. I think it'll help break up my summer into a pretty decent one.
June 20, Tom Petty, MSG
July 19, Bon Jovi, Giants Stadium
Aug 5, Dave Matthews, Randa'ls Island
August 11, OAR, PNC Bank Arts Center

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2. Taking tests
How many times have you had the dream where you have to go take an exam you’re completely unprepared for? Maybe it’s one about a mix-up at your high-school graduation and you still need to take your American History exam (or French exam or — worse still — Trigonometry exam). How many times have you woken up in the morning relieved that you don’t have to take that test? Those dreams are telling you that you don’t think you’re ready for life as you’re living it. You could be dating someone who gets too heavy too fast or you could be telling yourself you’re just not ready to get serious. Never fear—if you’re not prepared for the test in your dreams, you have as much time as you want in your waking life to get ready. Slow down your relationships, don’t date too many people at once, and let yourself take a break once in a while. If someone is trying to test you in love, flunk them out.