Friday, June 02, 2006

Idiot Boy? #2

The adventures of Idoit Boy continued this week. He was seen at a few bars, in a few emails and def on IM.

Idiot Boy almost did some illegal things today. And Idiot Boy was almost excited to do them.

Idiot Boy's anxious about a girl and has pretty much told everyone about this. Idiot Boy should know better b/c Idiot Boy knows that those girls are the ones that never ever work out for him.

Idiot Boy's insistance on talking about his propencity for her will most definately scare her away faster than a speeding bullet, that's what Idiot Boy does.

Idiot Boy feels like he's been inappropriate w/some people, and can't go back, and he feels awkard about it. Idiot boy just wanted to hang out, but feels that even just hanging out was uncomfortable and idiot boy is always comfortable.

Idiot Boy purchased a new pad this week so he could remember things. Idiot Boy's new pad is too big to carry around.

Idiot Boy almost made a bad financial decision, thank god Idiot Boy has a good financial advisor.

Idiot Boy's mother and sister went to My Sharona's wedding in Cali this weekend. Idiot Boy didn't even ask about it when he saw them.

Idiot Boy also forgot to call his mother about being evacuated from his office, Idiot Boy should know that it was important for her to hear about it from him, intead of reading about it.

And lastly...
Since when do people sing "Happy anniversary to you"? I think thats just pushing it in terms of the Happy "@#$&%#@" to you song.

Next Week - I Hate Benny:

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