Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Twelve TITIT

I think I've been craving ice cream more than is humanly possible this summer. Wow, I need more now.

I think I've definitely out grown Bob Marley. Every time he pops onto my Ipod...skip.

I think leaving a change of clothes is no longer necessary, now that I don't live in Hoboken. I think leaving a belt there is very necessary, as I forgot to put a belt on 2x last week.

I think Grandma (click the link) turned 90 on Sunday and I think that means she was born in 1916! I think her party next Sunday will be so much fun b/c I think she's still got more friends than me.

I think THIS is a good way to explain to my mom why I drink so much beer, maybe I should take her HINT and quit my job.

I think the swiss miss is seriously guarded, and that is seriously intriguing.

I think the next time I go to a baseball game, I'm going to boo them all. They are all cheaters, all taking performing enhancing drugs, and if you don't think so, I think you're a fool. Look a Jason Giambi, he sucked for the 3 months he was clean, decided that his career was over if he did, or if he didn't and got huge again. If you think he's clean, I think you're a fool. I'm now a huge Barry Bonds fan. It's not Barry's fault the firm he got his drugs from was run by a bunch of idiots who didn't shred papers and kept names on their home computers. Think how many smart people run smart companies that are supplying everyone else, if you don't think there are 100 other BALCO's around, I think you're a fool. If you think Lance Armstrong didn't cheat, I think you're a fool. It doesn't mean he doesn't deserve all of his trophies and isn't the best cyclist in the world, because all of his competitors are cheaters too. They are just upset that he dopes better than anyone else. I think Jason Whitlock summed up the situation well HERE

I think my favorite two restaurants that I eat lunch at are now closed. Popeye's' building is getting renovated and Pizza Paradise merged with the place across the street. So not happy.

I think I'm really hoping Barbaro survives his leg surgery. If he does, he'll spend the rest of his life, sleeping, eating, and getting females pregnant. Is there a better life than being a retired stud horse? I think not.

I think I had a crazy dream last week. I was swimming, so I put my wallet in my bag. When I got to my bag, the wallet was empty, and all my credit cards were missing. All of a sudden, I got a call on my phone from Visa saying that my card was being used and that they were canceling it and sending me a new one. So I decided to call 411 to get the numbers for Mastercard and whatnot to cancel them too. I think the first time I called, I talked to a guy, who kept giving me shit and said I wasn't being courteous enough and I was yelling and sounded stressed and should take a nap. I hung up and called again and some girl answered and she did basically the same thing. She wouldn't listen to me, and couldn't find a number for mastercard and said that maybe it didn't exist. So I ran back to the pool area and told my friends and they were all laughing b/c it was them on the phone and they had my stuff and were just playing a trick on me. My friends in my dreams are jerks, and I don't think I couldn't tell you which friends were actually in the dream.

I think this weekend in Vegas is going to be nuts. Dan had the decency to send me not 1, but 2 archived "Sports Guy" articles on Vegas, and thus I killed an hour of work. I think these two paragraphs from him sum it up pretty well:

I don't care how old you get ... there isn't a better internet moment then receiving that first e-mail with "Vegas?" in the subject heading. It's right up there with "Calvin Murphy had 14 kids?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" and "Paris Hilton MPEG -- not safe for work!" Puts a hop in your step for the rest of the day. (I read that Paris line over and I think over and laugh every time)

For me, it isn't even about Vegas as much anymore. When you hit your (2)0's, your friends settle in different cities, get hitched, pump out a kid, start working 50-to-60 hours a week ... you look up one day and realize you haven't seen three of your closest buddies in 15 months. Vegas becomes the great equalizer. There's always that first glorious stretch with everyone sitting at the same blackjack table, throwing down drinks, cracking worn-out jokes and busting chops, when you realize that nothing has changed. Thank God.

I think these are the things that surprise people and I don't know why b/c they don't surprise me:

Celebrities: It's not like we're in Iowa people, or even New Jersey. We live in New York. Half of all celebrities live here. I saw Harrison Ford in my office building, I see Alec or Alex Baldwin 3 or 4 times a year and I've definitely bumped into 3 OC kids and 2 Entourage kids. Its really not that surprising, and for me, not that exciting. I just don't get why all girls and some guys go nuts...act like you actually are from NY b/c its just not a big deal.

Crazy People: I'd say I see a crazy person either A) on my walk to the subway, B) on my subway car or C) at some other random point during the day. I'd almost be more surprised if I didn't see a crazy person or two one day. So, next time I'm walking with you, you don't need to pull my jacket with an insane passion just so I don't miss that homeless person peeing on that bush, or that guy talking to his dog like its his child (yea, those people are crazy too). I mean, I prob gave that homeless guy $0.50 last week, just not a big deal.

Bumping into People: There are x good bars in my area NY, and I know y different groups of friends that go out. So, the chance that I bump into one of those groups of friends while at one of those bars is actually quite high. The reason to be surprised should be based on WHO you bump into, not the fact that you DID bump into someone. Chances are, you were going to bump into someone, so no need to call me at 4 am to tell me that you bumped into someone...unless you are telling me about WHO you bumped into, its just not a big deal.

Sunburns / Peeling Skin: Everyone has it, everyone does it, some people like it, some people don't. To me, talking about it (which I've done) is kinda like talking about the weather (which you all know I dislike). "OMG, look at my arms, so gross, OMG look at my face, its so red" Seriously, its just not a big deal.

Tetris, Piano Style

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