Monday, June 19, 2006


It was 105 degrees each day in Vegas, obv the weather down there is an excuse for girls to forget their bras.

In fact, we hung out with a 19 year old who forgot her dress, and just wore the slip or lingerie underneath.

100 girls in one night aint bad...but it'll make your ass sore.

I woke up for work today 23 hours after I went to bed Saturday night

The next time I'm craving attention, I'm wearing a tie.

I only gambled for 3 hours all weekend...just too much else to hit the pool at the Venetian.

I actually won money playing poker. $10 on the flight there, $25 in the room, $15 on the flight home. I rock airplane poker.

Day drinking 2 days in a row, then going out until 5am is poor planning.

You know you're in trouble when the "pizza boy" leaves the club at 2 b/c he's exhausted but at 5am is standing at the craps table just outside the clubs exit.

Dan'll be fine as a dad...esp since bringing him baby gifts to freak him out didn't exactly work.

Knowing someone who owns a restaurant in Vegas is quite helpful. By quite, I mean Unbelievable. Skipping every line at every club was so awesome, even if we had to pay cover.

Pool football turned into a blood bath, literally. Our knees, our toes, bloody.

Obviously, the best music at the clubs was when they did the Jersey shore music montage. They had bon jovi, and Van Halen and all the guys and the place went nuts. I just can't get away. Even the cheesy band at the pool was playing Livin On a Prayer.

With finance guys, we talk in finance code. With sports broadcasters, its baseball analogies. Nothing wrong with dropping the minor leaguers for some players with a proven track record.

The gardens are always greener...always.

The problem with paying for the rooms with cash is that you end up with $2,000 in cash in your wallet that you didn't earn, and really feel like spending.

I def paid off...but I didn't hit the trifecta (why isn't trifecta in spell check? Who writes these dictionaries?).

Surprising that Scotty didn't pay off, but he's got pressure.

Since I was the last person to leave...I picked up 2 rings, 2 bathing suits, an undershirt, a pair of sneakers and a phone charger..score.

I'm going to be adding to this as I slowly remember things...obv I can't tell any of you what really happened.


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doesn't mean its not a good movie. Obv the one of the human frogger is fake too!