Friday, July 21, 2006

Flag Thoughts

I've been having a debate with friends and family for the last few months now on the US colors and US flag. Ever since the US soccer team took the field against the Czeck Republic wearing dark dark blue jerseys, I've been thinking about our colors. This debate has centered around what color blue the US actually is.

As you can see from the picture above, our US soccer jerseys were definitely too dark, and definitely did not represent our country's colors. To address the issue, and why we were wearing such a dark blue, I went to some government websites for research purposes.

The CIA website had this up - a royal blue flag.

The US Flag website had this up, a navy blue flag.

Neither described the actual color blue of the flag, just that we are Red, White and Blue. After observing numerous sporting events, uniforms and patriotic displays, it has become apparent to me that there is a general ambiguity in the public realm as to which color the US flag is, and what colors our country is; Royal Blue or Navy Blue.

The Swiss Miss was set on the navy blue when asked, but I'd seen too much royal. When we went to a bar down the shore July 4th weekend, they gave out top hats.

Clearly, royal blue top hats.

Then, I went to Colorado last week, a RED state, during the 4th of July, and saw plenty of Red, White, and all sorts of Blues. We stopped at the US Air Force academy, which was set on navy. Everything was navy blue, except one picture of a coffin, which was draped in a royal blue flag.

We stopped at the US Olympic Training facility, in down town Colorado Springs, surely they'd know what color our flag was. I went right to the information booth, where the lady at the desk confidently told me the flag was navy blue. I asked about the uniforms and she was sure they were always navy. Then I asked her about the light blue flag patch on the arm of her shirt, and she went speechless. (Actually, she said sometimes its cheaper to not use navy...WHATEVER). Here's what the USOC taught me. NOTHING.

Obviously, the 2 uniforms I found in a display case were 2 different colors, and both produced by a Canadian clothing company. You all know how I feel about that one.

Even the gift shop had both colors.

Anyway, after 10-15 pages of notes and pictures, this is what I've concluded:
The flag is currently red, white and navy blue.
The flag used to have a lighter blue in it.
Before that, the original flags were navy blue.
Uniforms are not even close, they are dead wrong, way too dark usually.
The USOC has no idea what color our flag is and maybe its because our uniforms are Canadian made.
The US Air Force is consistent with the navy blue.

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Anonymous said...

Wikipedia has a listing of what the offical colors of the american flag are.