Thursday, August 17, 2006


The boring stuff -

Went to Chicago this weekend. Saw Katy, Nick, and Melissa. Nick and Melissa just moved there along with 2 other people who I didn't get to see, oh well. Def had a good time. Sat just hung out w/Melissa, walked on the beach in Lincoln Park. Went to a Seafood BBQ w/some of her friends, did some drinking, did some eating, hit some bars, went to bed really late.

Sunday I met up w/Katy. She showed me downtown Chicago and the Museum areas on the water. Refused pictures. We met Nick at a cabaret style movie theatre where they serve beer. Good times. Now all my friends have met each other. Hopefully they'll hang out and become friends with each other's friends and date each other's friends kinda like when we all moved to Hoboken after graduation. I still get a kick out of telling people how I know Katy (she's roommates with the cousin of a girl who was friends at Syracuse with a girl I play volleyball with in Hoboken).

Monday since everyone was working, I walked around downtown by myself. Hit up Michigan Avenue. Hit up the Sears tower. Got some Chicago deep dish pizza for dinner. Relaxed in the evening.

Tuesday I woke up and flew to Charlotte. Sarah picked me up and we hit up downtown for lunch. Took a nap, went to dinner, saw John Tucker Must Die and then came back to NY the next morning. Good times...just catching up and relaxing. I kinda needed that after Chicago.

Throughout this trip, my superman status was killed. I was in much pain from my mouth, still only took Advil and Tylenol Sinus, but it was pretty unbearable. Today, much better FYI.

Here are some pictures

As always, here are some things I've been thinking about.

I think I've lived within 50 miles of the WTC and the Empire State Building my whole life and have never been to the top of either, but in 3 days in Chicago, I hit the top of the Sears Tower. I think I did hit the Statue of Liberty with my 5th grade class.

I think seeing an ugly fat girl taking large bites out of a block of yellow cheese while reading Bitch magazine is one of the most unattractive things I've ever seen. I think I moved from my seat at the gate so I wouldn't have to watch.

I think I learned Chicago pretty well in the 3 days I was there, but I think that people keep asking me if I did this and saw this and I think I'm now realizing that 3 days still wasn't enough time.

I think that most people in Chicago are not from Chicago. Obviously my friends aren't, but everywhere I walked, I saw people with baseball caps. I think that's how people tell you where they are from. Whether its the Yanks, Boston, Detroit, St Louis...everyone has their teams cap on, proudly stating, "I'm not from here." Not that there's anything wrong with that.

I think somehow renting a car from Vilnius to Tallinn is going to be more expensive than flying.
I think that this trip is going to be awesome, and awesomely expensive.

I think we are going to get more of a Holocaust education than we expected. I think there were over 100,000 Jews just in the city of Vilnius prewar, now...not so many.

I think I wanted to be a volleyball booster, so I went to the RU Volleyball website and the coach is gone. Now I don't think I want to be anymore.

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