Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A couple things

Has anyone else noticed the absurd amount of blind people walking around the city this week? I actually saw 7 today. SEVEN. 2 of them in Times Square. I'm starting to question people's blindness. I make fun of my parents, calling them blind, because they can't read a menu without reading glasses, but now I'm starting to think I was right and they may actually be considered blind by doctors. Who are these doctors that decide when you're allowed to have a tapping stick? Everyone has them now, and they are crossing the streets and avoiding things without actually using the stick. I'm ready to start screwing with these people just to test them.

Tonight I saw the Lion King for the second time. It was quite a different experience from 8-9 years ago when I was a high schooler. The sets and actors and art were less mesmerizing than I remembered (though my friend who went for the first time was impressed), but there was plenty that I didn't remember/never would have picked up at that younger age. They did an awesome job w/my favorite song "Be Prepared" and I love how Scar and Zazoo have British accents. Great stuff. I went w/my 3rd cousins from Israel, my brother in law, and my friend Judy. Kinda strange that I originally got the extra ticket for someone else, but also kinda great that even at 26, I still make new friends.

A ton of people checked this site today. I met one person in the last 2 days and so either she sent it to all of her friends or all of you had nothing to do at work today. Here are the stats for the day, 36 unique computers went to this site. Considering I don't write everyday and most of this crap sucks when I do write...I'm surprised. I only started tracking this stuff over the last month, so maybe my readers have gone up, or down, I really have no idea.

I also posted a Youtube video that 565 people have viewed. Sorry, its a lil personal so I can't publicly post it.

The Gap, Banana, and Old Navy are going absolutely crazy with Jeans and denim products. The Gap's sales have been terrible and I don't see this helping. Now that I've got a new job, I might be done shopping at Old, I'm becoming the snob I always dreamed I'd become :).

Shore house summary and Europe trip preview tomorrow.

45 seconds in, this gets amazing. Bub Rubb - At the end, Drives right through a stop sign after almost hitting cars on the wrong side of the street

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