Monday, August 07, 2006

Letter to Me

Dear Ben,

I quit my job on Thursday. It was a great job, I enjoyed being at work, I didn't work that much, they paid me really well, gave me great benefits but there was something missing. That missing piece will hopefully be fulfilled by a new job I'm starting next month. This new opportunity is exciting. Its a new company being formed by my former boss, the one who led my group until 2 weeks after I started at my former company and the one who built that business from nothing. The difference for me is the upward mobility; I'll have more responsibility, will make more decisions and will learn so much more. In 3 years at this new job, if it works out, I'll be further along career wise than 5 years at my current place. The top heavy structure at a big firm doesn't reward you for doing well, it rewards you for leaving, and thus, I'm leaving.

This decision was very tough. I have a really nice lifestyle, and a really great work environment, and giving that up for a risky venture was a very difficult decision. However, at this time in my life I think its the proper risk to take. It would have been nice to have someone I trusted around to help me through the decision, but I'm quite confident, after spending the last few days with the new group.

Now, I've got a month off, and while I'm trying to schedule trips to Chicago, Charlotte, LA, and Arizona. This is in addition to the 10 day trip I will be taking to Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. When you have not had a month off in a while, actually, since high school, you can only imagine that I've prob got quite a few friends to go visit. I've never really been to LA or Chicago, so I'm pretty excited about both of those.

Unfortunately, my vacation will be preceded by my wisdom teeth getting taken out. I don't really need them out, but they could cause problems in the future. I figure now that I've got time, I might as well do it. I've never had knock out surgery before, and I'm kinda excited.

Anyway, that's what's new in my life, hope you are doing well


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