Thursday, August 10, 2006

Meaningless Thoughts

Thinking about meaningless crapola

I think weather statistics are totally screwed up. My friends decide not to go to the beach b/c accompanying the picture of a cloud is a 30% chance of rain. I don't think people understand that a 30% chance of rain means a 70% chance it won't rain. Of that 30%, 50% of it could mean like 4 seconds of rain, so we're talking maybe 15% chance of bad rain. I think if there's a 70% chance of no rain, there should be a picture w/o clouds. I also think that they should put a % next to the % for how confident they are. Like if they are 70% confident that there is a 30% chance of rain, then what is the other 30% that it could be?

I think I've written about this before, especially with reference to when I got run over by a truck, but I don't think I feel pain the same way other people do. After getting all 4 wisdom teeth removed, I was almost perfectly fine. I went to the pool, I played w/the cousins, I was going to play volleyball but decided to go to an Israel benefit party until after midnight instead. Physically, I was fine, didn't even take my strong meds, only advil. This morning, I woke up, no pain, no advil, no side effects except for the stitches in my mouth. I think either I'm superman, and feel paid differently than everyone else or my doctor is amazing (which she is).

I think this is what I wrote as a note to my doctor in my phone right after I woke up: "Can't remember dreams. No major numbing. Feel coherent. Motor skills slowed. Heart rate back normal. Mouth Packed prob look like idiot. Thank you."

Then I wrote "I hate lip gloss and vaseline" as I think she was putting that on my mouth. I really do hate that stuff but I think it may have been necessary for the amount she'd dried out my mouth.

Since I think some of you complained about the picture of my feet I put on the site, I'm going to make the picture of my teeth a link. Click here.

I think I'm going to start ordering this book for people. Its free and a fun gag gift. Good times.

I think I've started eating pizza, egg and cheese sandwiches and hamburgers with a fork and knife. I feel like such a princess doing it but I don't think I care to get dirty.

Is Kentucky a Midwest state? I think it sounds southern, but it looks like a tweener on the map.

I think I have 319 names in my cell phone right now. I missed the PATH home last week and in my 30 min of boredom, I decided to count. I think I would probably be comfortable calling around 300 of them, so I assume that its ok to have them. What wrong with making your cell phone your address book?

I still don't understand how the President and his "morality" can justify their actions on higher moral grounds. I don't think allowing for torture is high moral ground. I don't think its moral to sign a torture bill and then write a signing statement saying you will ignore the bill for national security reasons. I don't think that terrorizing terrorists and creating more terrorists is high morality and I don't think the moral majority have any moral ground at all. I still don't think that you can justify killing 50,000 civilians in a war where we lose 2,000 soldiers in order to make this country safer and more prosperous while you won't support the science of stem cells in order to reach those same goals. I think that moral stance is total hypocrisy. You can't say that a soldiers life and a civilians life is less valuable than stem cell.

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