Thursday, September 21, 2006

Job Update

Ok, so I started the new job 2 weeks ago. I've been working through construction...and I have not had that much work to do at all. While I'm trained to make investment decisions, I found myself working on the website, PR, processes, investor presentations. We're sitting on glass desks, and they are painting and putting carpeting in and doing all sorts of other things all around me. The good news is that the internet is unrestricted so far, and we're all in jeans (except when investors are visiting). That's worth like 10-15K to me. I told my last job that I'd give up $5,000 to wear jeans every day, and the internet is def worth something, too.

Here's a quick slide show of our office...and its renovations. (Snapfish this time b/c kodak was being a real bitch).

Our company has not publicly been announced, but someone spilled the beans and we can't stop getting calls from investor publications and newspapers looking for information. This is the first piece out, (click it to make it bigger to read) but there will probably be 10-15 more like this with quotes and whatnot in the papers over the next few weeks. Fun times.

We're finally meeting with investors. Yesterday it was the President of the 3rd largest private bank in Europe. Tomorrow its the 2nd richest man in Venezuela. I hope they give us some money so I can start doing what I'm actually trained to do...that is, make investment decisions.

Ok, so my title is Senior Investment Analyst...sounds spiffy. And y'all can email me at :).

And here's a cutie pie video.


Anonymous said...

if i give you money, can i be an investor as well?

Meistro said...

Sure, the minimum investment is probably around $5M. You aren't going to want our type of product to be more than 5-8% of your portfolio, so we're looking at people with over $100M or so. Let me know.