Thursday, September 28, 2006


The Color Purple

Good Story, Great Acting, Good Songs. The words were not so easy to here b/c I'm not used to listening to that kind of accent coming from that kind of person. There wasn't much dialogue besides the singing and even when people were talking, there was music in the background. Slightly disturbing story. 1/2 the audience was black. For some reason I'm inspired to call Cherma and visit her.


Average Story. Good acting. A Few Funny Scenes. The whole show ripped on Jewish cultural jokes and it would have made me feel really uncomfortable if I were sitting next to a non new who was laughing hysterically. Luckily, there weren't any in the whole theatre. The writer of the play spoke at the end b/c it was their 2 year anniversary and they released a Jewtopia coffee table book yesterday.

Max Brenner

Opened 6 weeks ago and I've been 2x. First time I had a toffee hot chocolate and a waffle with ice cream and whipped cream. So freaking wonderful. This time I had a mocha hot chocolate and a bagel with melted chocolate and peanut butter on it. The bagel was great, the hot chocolate was a little to thick. I needed a glass of milk on the side. I'm so happy this place exists and that they are opening another even closer to me. It always helps to have a friend who works there and gets you a discount too!

Levitra Concrete

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