Monday, October 16, 2006

Party - Thoughts

Here are some pictures and a video (at the bottom) from our Black Balzam (Magic) Party this weekend. Gotta love the Latvian alcholol. Pictures

Monday Morning Thinking:

I think our party was a pretty big success, even if those living on the upper west side had an excused absence due to religious reasons. I think some Brooklyn friends had the same issue.

I think about 60 people showed up, excluding our super, who made his normal 12:45 appearance. I think I know one person who always contradicts me will dispute that figure to make me feel bad, but the pictures don't lie, and that's 43 right there.

I think my roommate hooked me up yesterday with JETS box seats. It wasn't bad sitting on the 50 yard line with an indoor buffet and outdoor stadium seats. I think I didn't mind having car service there and back either.

I think our driver last night was saying sorry every time he sneezed.

I think it sucks that my roommate had to get up at 4:45 this morning to head to a factory in Wisconsin for the day, coming back tonight. Yea, that does suck.

I think it really annoys me that some people now think everything is a doubleclick. People, you don't have to hit an elevator button twice, or a web link twice. You only doubeclick when opening a file or a folder in Window's, that's it. I think these people are stupid.

I think this is pretty funny. Overcome your inhibitions.

I think on September 8th, I put "running like driving" in the notes section of my phone 5 weeks later I still don't know what that means.

I think I have a busy 3 months coming up. I think I'm going to Boca, Puerto Rico and Cali in November, Arizona in December and then my little sister gets married in January. I think I'm going to be leaving work earlier than normal on a few Thursday and Friday afternoons to get to the airport on time.

A Quick Video of the Party Scene:

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