Sunday, October 22, 2006


My friends and I have had the same 16 guys in our fantasy league for the last 5 years. This Saturday, The Reiper, lost his battle with cancer. He was one of those guys who was a fierce competitor, a witty commentator, and an honorable sportsman when it mattered. I hardly knew the guy, met him only a few times, since he went to Syracuse with some of my good friends. But I remember him talking sports passionately out at the bars and dancing up a storm at Dan and Christine's wedding last year. I think its important to remember, and to remind ourselves of our humanity. We have decided to rename our leagues championship cup, The Rieper Cup and we'll be donating this year's purse to the Tomorrows Children's Fund. If you want to do something, contact me, or make an appointment donate platelets, they are much more valuable than money.

If you guys have any other suggestions on what we could do to honor our friend, let me know?

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