Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election Stuff

The legalize marijuana senate candidate in NJ got 11,400 votes. Think about how much you must like marijuana to vote for this guy. A) you have to not really care about the election because NJ was a close race, B) you have to not smoke, in order to register to vote months before the election, C) you have to remember to vote, whether baked or not and D) you have to remember to vote for the right person. I think its amazing 11,400 people were able to do this for the sole reason of supporting the MJ guy. I mean, he took 4th place.

Over the last few weeks before the midterms, voters were told that if the election turns on issues of who can better protect the country, they -- voters -- preferred the GOP, even though pre-election polls varied on which party was more trusted on the issue, but, in any case, made clear that the GOP had lost its huge advantage that had turned previous elections. They were reminded -- repeatedly -- that the White House accused John Kerry of insulting the troops, when, in fact -- and the media made this far less clear -- Kerry, who was not even running for office, had botched a joke about President Bush's ineptitude in Iraq. The media continually stated that Kerry's comments would have a huge impact on the election. They were told by the media that Mark Foley's alleged predation on underage pages and the House leadership's alleged coverup were no different from President Clinton's sexual relationship with an adult. In an election season in which Republicans unleashed scurrilous attack ads, as well as alleged voter suppression tricks, voters were told that the Democrats were also guilty of such tactics, although, even as the media made the assertion, they were unable to produce examples of comparable Democratic "dirty tricks." Finally, on the eve of the election, voters were told that weekend polls showed that the Republicans were on a roll and had all but closed the gap on the Democrats' advantage in the generic ballot. But in making the declaration, the media ignored more recent polls that demonstrated the opposite.

And, yet, voters apparently defied the media's pronouncements, at least enough of them to give Democrats control of the House.

I'm pretty happy people saw through all these media lies. (Dems are terrorists, Kerry will have impact, Dems are connected to Abramoff, Dems are running dirty campaign, GOP has momentum, GOP strong on security, GOP strong on fiscal policy, Osama wants Dems to win)

I missed most of the election returns because I was at dinner with a friend. The way I see it, whether watching or not, it won't really change the results. Unlike a sporting event, which could be argued "why watch" for the same reason, the election results have no real excitement, no great plays, no surprises. I'm convinced people watch this stuff just because it has a winner and a loser.


Anonymous said...

When will people realize that the only party with real ideas and solutions is the Libertarian party? The others are more or less the same and guided more in their desire to continue their careers as public parasites than leaders. I didn't see a single campaign commercial that said anything productive - only mud slinging.

Meistro said...

Yes, that is because the Legalize MJ party was a little too distracted to run any advertisements. I think with a little effort they might have won.