Friday, November 10, 2006

FL Wedding / RU / PR

Last weekend I had an awesome wedding down in Florida. The whole weekend cost me around $1,000, and a day off of work but it was well worth it. Friday night I got in and grabbed a drink w/my friend Jamie and her boy. Saturday evening was the rehearsal dinner, to which the whole wedding was invited to. Sunday I had lunch w/my old RU roommate Jessalynn and then Sunday night was the wedding. A really really nice wedding. A really nice short service. Monday morning there was a huge brunch in the hotel with omelet stations and whatnot. Sat at the pool all day Sunday and Monday just hanging out.

Here are some pictures. Since the wedding was of a former co worker of mine, I really only knew 2 people. Another former co worker and a girl who I went out w/a few times that's in love w/me. But who isn't, right?

I went to the Rutgers football game last night all the way down in central NJ. The atmosphere was electric and I didn't sit for the whole game. Here are some pictures and below are links to a few videos that I took

Rutgers Alumni Going Crazy and Singing

Rutgers Kids Getting Kicked Off The Field Because The Game Wasn't Over

Rutgers Kids Running on the Field as the Game Ended

Tonight, its off to Puerto Rico for a bachelor party...I know...rough life I've got. I'll try to do some real "thinking" this weekend.

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