Monday, November 13, 2006

Thinking About Puerto Rico

Thinking about Puerto Rico:

I think gambling without my dad is a bad idea. I (and the rest of my family, Steiny included) just don't win without him around. I think 10 people lost $1,900 the first night of gambling.

I think a few of us almost died 5 times on this trip. Once, we put 11 people in an elevator near the ground floor and it went down 1/2 a floor and we had to climb up 4 feet when the door was wedged open to get out (with the risk of getting sliced in half, thanks for that story Steiny). Once, we got into an elevator at 10, it went down and got stuck, we wedged the door open around 6 and jumped out once it moved to that floor (yes, it was moving w/the door open). Once, I thought the manager at Denny's was going to kill us. Once, there were sharks in the ocean while we were on jet skis. Once, we went under a bridge that was about 4 feet high and any big swell could have but us into the roof of the bridge.

I think of the 43 hours i spent in Puerto Rico, 4 of them were at Denny's from 2-4ish each night. That's about 10%.

I think there were 3 Davids, 2 Robs and 2 Scotts. I think I spent 5 minutes trying to remember everyone's names but I could only get 11 out of 12. Then I realized I forgot to count myself.

I think we sprayed about 1.5 bottles of whipped cream during our time at Denny's.

I don't think I understand why we were not asked to leave.

Since all 11 guys kept asking me to call her, and get her to come out with us, and they all need to be schooled on talking to girls, (yea, even you Rob). I think this is the text message conversation I had with the waitress from Saturday night:

  • 3:38 am - Ben Calls and leaves message.
  • 3:52 am - Kelly: In bed. Glad to hear ur having a good time. Ur Spanish is very good. If its ok with you I'll call you tomorrow.
  • 4:54 am - Ben: We missed you. Sleep well. Talk to you later.
  • 2:39 pm - Ben: We are just hanging at the beach today. Join? Back to NY tonight. You will have to come visit. Send me your email and I'll send you pictures from dinner.
  • 2:55 pm - Kelly: Great day for the beach! Can't join. Have to do stuff and then work. My best friend lives in NY so we'll meet up next time I go. E-mail is xxxPRlover@yahoo Keep in touch. Safe trip!
  • 5:05 pm - Ben: Great! Tell your friend to call me too
  • 5:56 pm - Kelly: Funny!
I think each of the waitresses at our table got around a $100 tip because I think we spent over $500 on alcohol including over $370 on Southern Comfort. (Click the picture below to enlarge)

I think my coworker suggested buying The Devil Wears Prada to read on vacation and I think I'm quite happy I did NOT buy it considering it was the movie on the plane in BOTH directions.

I think all the cabs in Puerto Rico are vans, and I think that made getting around surprisingly easy with 12 people.

I think I like Puerto Rico more than Miami. It's easy, cheep, friendly, warmer and definitely not as snobby.

I think Steiny is a very good decision maker and I think that's good for my baby sister, too.

I think David and Daniella would have sat next to each other in homeroom.

I think I got home around 3am last night.

I think here are some pictures from the weekend

Jordan Doing a Little Salsa w/a "Salsa Teacher" at Denny's

Other Things I've Been Thinking About:

I Think Rutgers has Sold Its Soul. I think by bringing in a high profile coach and big time recruits, Rutgers is not headed the right direction, and has sold out to its alumni and the pressures of being in a big division 1 conference. This year, Rutgers paid millions to its football staff, increasing the football budget while cutting over 800 academic courses, dropping several sports from Division 1 status, and suspending financial support to others including crew, fencing, swimming and tennis. These programs combined represent only twice Greg Schiano’s income. ($875K guaranteed this year). I think publicity is nice, yet I fear Rutgers will no longer be looked at a strong academic institution and my degree will be less valuable. I wonder how many of those football players go to class, how many have SAT scores above the school’s average and how many have other kids doing their homework (yes, this happens). I'd bet there are some players who can't even write coherent sentences and have tutors struggling to edit their essays by attempting merely to put their words in the correct order. Actually, I know that last portion is true. Big football is fun, but not good for a colonial, academic, institution. I think I'd like to know what This Group has to say about it, too bad they are gone. Also here. and here.

I think Rutgers, in totality, has spent between $200-$300M on being in the Big East (even Football loses money every year). Boosters are so happy when a top recruit scores an 800 or 810 on the SAT's b/c then Miami won't take them but Rutgers will.

I think there is some validity to the EBITDA theory. The theory states that 2 people who both know what EBITDA is can't date. I don't think I've ever dated a girl who did.

I think its nuts that I'm going on 4 trips in 6 weekends right after I read an article that traveling often shortens your life.

I think I spent $800 each of the last 2 weekend and I don't think I can afford that.

I think my plane luck is starting to change for the worse. Or maybe American Airlines luck is different from Continental. On Continental, I'm just always sitting next to old, fat, ugly people. On Jetblue coming home from Florida, I think it was the ugliest and fattest. But now, on the way to Puerto Rico, my flight was delayed 2 hours. On the way home, the same thing. I think being a little sick didn't help either because it was hot and I was dehydrated on the way out, since we were ON THE AIRPLANE for the whole delay. I think the flight was like an El Al flight to Israel: Baby's screaming for hours, major complaining to flight attendants, the captain lying to us about being on a line when there were no planes within 1/2 a mile, 8 people across in the rows. Luckily, I don't think there was any smoking or puking.

I think I don't have enough time for life because I've been too busy living.


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Great post. Image, image library, and you tube. Wow.


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Almost 800 Dollars on alcohol!!! geez

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I think I love this blog

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what's ebitda?

Meistro said...

It's a finance term used to measure a company's value and viability. Google it.