Friday, November 03, 2006

Write? Why not

Is there a correlation to me people not commenting as much and me writing on here? Maybe.
Is there a correlation to me dating someone and me writing on here? Probably Not.
Is there a correlation to me having a new job and me writing on here? I don't see why.
Is there a correlation to me playing too much volleyball and me writing in here? Most likely.

The new job is stressful. I'm not really going to talk about it and I'm not really at liberty to talk about my stresses, let alone write about them publicly. That's a good way to get fired. Feel free to ask me personally if you care.

Halloween was a little crazy. I dressed up as Clark most of you know from my character profiles...he's a pretty good match for me. Slightly reserved on the outside with a chivalrous streak, and superhero like qualities on the inside. Here are some pictures from Halloween. Friday bars were crazy and Saturday I went to a few ridiculous house parties. There were some great costumes: Double Dare girls with poles on their helmets, Gold diggers (girls dressed in gold with gold miners hats on), and girls dressed as American Gladiators (form fitting and athletic, so hot).

Mark Cuban emailed me this morning. Last night I read THIS ARTICLE. So I wrote him quickly just saying "Is this true? I'm a Knicks fan and its totally disappointing. I love your passion." He quickly responded, "Stay tuned :). I promise to make it entertaining - M." I really enjoy READING HIS BLOG, daily. His major topics include A) Basketball and his Dallas Mavericks B) The internet (where he made all his money) and C) Business in general. He's a smart man, a businessman, an entrepreneur and a dreamer.

I played volleyball on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. Next week, its just Monday and Thursday. I really enjoy it but it does take up lotsa my life. I also got a blister on the new skin which was under a blister that peeled last week. If I lose that piece of skin too, there may not be anything underneath. I'll keep the pictures to myself.

I'm having major Good Will Hunting flashes in my life. The whole "had to go see about a girl" idea. I would totally skip some huge major event in my life to go meet someone I don't even know. That's just stupid and scary. In the movie, however, the circumstances surrounded a big grand gesture. The dilemma I see has to do with recognition. If I made some grand gesture, then I'd have to publicize it somehow, diminishing its value and being seen as a bragger...and I hate hate hate talking about myself like that.

As an aside, these two paragraphs have nothing to do with "if the past tense of rewind is rewinded or rewound."

How do you do something big, something good, something special and not want recognition for it? I really wish I was - I don’t' even know the right word - actualized enough to do that. If I do something good, like donating platelets per se, I want everyone to know about it. When I make an online donation, I put my name out there and when I do anything fun and interesting, I want to brag about it. How does someone overcome that? How does someone get to the point where they are ok with doing something for themselves, and the world, w/o telling others about it. I'd like to be there eventually. A girl, a job, a family might help. Just thinking out loud.

I'm off to Florida this weekend. My former co-worker is getting married and he's having a lil destination wedding in Boca. He's from Maryland, she's from Pittsburgh, but her grandparents live down there, and pretty much own Pittsburgh, so here we all come. I'm spending $600 on just getting there and staying there. My boy said not to get a gift, but seriously. At least I'll get to see Jaime and Jessalynn.


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Correlation ?'s: no, yes, yes, maybe. I love your blog...of course I would. And I'm not prejudiced!

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