Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Writing Style and Thanksgiving in Cali

I've been writing HIGA (Here I Go Again) for over 3 years and I'm very surprised how it turned out. The site started here and evolved from boring stories about what I did on any random day to its current, more interesting form. I've developed nicknames for almost 50 people and due to most people's increasing comfort with this forum, I no longer need most of those nicknames.

A year ago, I switched from livejournal to blogger and its made my life slightly easier (I no longer need to type in HTML). HIGA also added The Glossary, which I continually update when I write something "interesting."

We here at HIGA call out what's stupid, get excited for what's really stupid, write about what really annoys people, funny stories, crazy vacations, obnoxious thoughts and basically anything that my HIGA editors deem interesting. We also answer fun questions, but that's seemed to have died a slow death. (new Steiny only entry coming soon)

HIGA takes pride in being chivalrous and honorable. This week, HIGA was presented with a particularly interesting ethics dilemma: While coming home around 11pm one weeknight, my doorman pulled me aside and asked if he could borrow $200 until he got his xmas tips and could pay me back. I reactionarily asked why he bet on the Giants on Monday (never bet on your favorite team, its a double loss when the team loses and kinda sucks), but he stated that he was going through a divorce and that his car had a lot of tickets that his soon to be ex didn't pay. What would you do? Would you have lent him the money? Would you have lied and said you didn't have it? It was quite an awkward situation. I did want to help, he is a nice guy, but I couldn't have my doorman owing me anything, that would create a never ending awkward situation. Anyway, we at HIGA sat down and thought about it for 30 minutes before walking back down to the doorman. I did end up giving him the money, but I told him it wasn't a loan, it was a gift. If he wanted to repay me, that's fine, if not, no big deal, consider it his holiday bonus. I couldn't have him owing me, and who knows if he'd ever pay me back. I didn't want to put that burdon on him, or have it be awkward for either of us. I do expect him to pay me back when he gets around 10K in cash from the people in our building this month.

I bring up this ethics question because as I sat watching Grey's Anatomy last night, all I could think about was how UNethical each character is. George with balls is the best character. The girls are all liars and whores. I don't understand why girls like watching these shows, similar to Sex IN/ALL OVER the City, the women are just horrible horrible people.

What's Stupid:
I'm fascinated by the Urban Dictionary.

What's Really Stupid:
For some reason, Brittany Spears seems to be the "ethical one." Now she's stupid and dirty and whatnot, but she claims that in order to avoid being blackmailed by her sex tape, she's going to give it away for free. Go Brit! We at HIGA fully support the free release of that tape. My safe deposit box at the bank is waiting for its copy.

Speaking of celebrities, I don't get why the word celebrity comes from celebrate. They are humorous, idiots, that happen to be hot and famous. I think we should call them idiotites or fameites. I don't know anyone who celebrates these people.

What Really Annoys People:
Does anyone ever "press 5 to page this person?" There has to be a way to turn this feature off. The only people who get pages are doctors and drug dealers and they have real pagers, not phones that get pages. I average about 1 voice mail per day, or 5 seconds wasted per day, or 6 hours over the last 10 years listening to someone ask if I wanted to page my friend who can already see my number come up on his caller ID.

What HIGA determines is interesting:
I found an awesome hot chocolate place on my block at work. That makes me so happy considering all the lunch places around me suck. I wasn't going to get an HC, but someone before me ordered it and I asked the cashier if it was any good and she pored me a lil of the extra. Made me warm inside.

Obnoxious Thoughts:
I'm really not planning on living past 60. Is there something wrong with that?
I'm going to start TIVOing Duck Tales, yea, I miss that show...maybe Alvin and the Chipmunks too. I hope they're still on somewhere, sometime.

Crazy Vacations:
San Fran Weekend:
I traveled via air for the 3rd weekend out of 4 to San Fran for our annually Thanksgiving retreat. Technically, its not annual since last year we didn't go and the prior year we went on Christmas (because we went to Israel for Thanksgiving).

Thursday we had pasta because we celebrate Thanksgiving on Friday in this family. My cousins' parents are divorced so the kids go to the dad on Thanksgiving and to the mom on Friday. Makes life easier...and friends and well, everone can normally come. Lotsa drinking, lotsa silly convo's. I took a few videos. I'm not going to post them but you can get them all from my youtube video user area.

Here are the pictures

Saw Borat on Saturday. Was ok, not great, not terrible, but funny, short, and kinda stupid. He didn't really make anyone look dumb but 2 frat guys and himself. I wanna see 007 much more.

On Saturday night we had appetizers at Stephs apartment, then dinner for 13 at an Itialian joint then saw a show. Afterwords, Steph, Sperry, and I went out in the Marina to a karoke bar so that I could catch up w/my friend Tara, who I met at a training session in Dallas 3.5 years ago. I know, I keep intouch w/everyone, but she is in my market (does bank loans too).

The coincidence behind this is that in my original post, the one referenced above, I mention someone named Jee Hae, who I also met during training in Dallas. I think she was in the Atlanta office. I have a feeling that this article and that article are the only two times I've ever mentioned somene from that trip.

I finally got to bed around 4am which means I did my sleep 2x in 24 hours thing on Sunday (4am West Coast Sat night is 7am Sunday morning in NY is 24 hours before I have to wake up 2 days later).

Continental Airlines food is terrible. I'm getting the kosher meal next time. I wouldn't even touch the microwaved ground beef sandwich with cheese on it. Same thing both ways. And of course, The Devil Wears Prada was the movie on the way to Cali (3 of my last 4 flights).


Anonymous said...

Grandma hits the "5" everytime she calls my cell!

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that you had the money to spare and were willing to give it to your doorman with no strings attached... are you at all concerned that you may now have opened a door (excuse the pun) where your doorman would feel comfortable asking for money again in the future? Would you keep giving him money? If you did, would you then expect him to pay you back? Where do you draw the line?


Anonymous said...

you don;t need to tivo ducktales, I have every episode on disc (besides one could only find in spanish) but they are at home in baltimore

Anonymous said...

By spanish I meant swedish (no joke)

Meistro said...

JG - I wouldn't do it again unless he repaid the first $. I'm not too worried about opening a door, he's a good guy, and I see him every day.

Anonymous said...

How come I didn't take a family shot?