Thursday, December 28, 2006

Life Purgatory

I'm about to enter Purgatory, Life Purgatory. I have spoken around this topic, but have never really defined it (or named it), until today. Life Purgatory takes place between the ages of 27 and 33. I believe that most single people between those ages are almost exactly the same age. There are those people who get out of college, and get on with the rest of their lives right away, and there are those people who wait a while, and then wait a while longer. I am officially joining the second group next week.

More specifically: I have a group of friends who either met their significant others during college or right after college and got married or are close to getting married. I have a second group of friends who are single, are showing no active desire to find "the one" (though they talk like they do, they don't act it) and thus will be joining me in Purgatory soon. Therefore, I don't think turning 29 or 30 is as big a deal as turning 27. At 27, you are officially out of the "did stuff while I was young" group and are destined for 6 more years of monotony before you get off your ass and succumb to societies desires (marriage, family, etc).

This whole concept surrounds the ideas of societal norms and maturity. I've talked about this concept a few times on here, specifically about male maturity, but let me refresh your memory with my common example. Who's more mature, the 33 year old guy dating the 21 year old girl or the 22 year old guy dating the 26 year old girl? The answer is simple. The 33 year old is still not serious, or just getting serious as he exits single life purgatory, the 22 year old clearly doesn't care about age, knows what he wants, even if it's someone older, wiser and more serious.

What I've learned from those already stuck in Life Purgatory is that these people only resent being stuck there because of society. They do not feel out of place, however, they do feel that society makes them think they should. Most of these people are not lost; they just know themselves and what they want…and they don’t want anything. I was talking with a friend Sunday night who stated that she's just got more important things to do than spend 5 nights a week with the same person. I understand that. Some people don't want to focus on that part of their lives until later in life. During that time period, they want to have fun, so they bounce around from person to person, from job to job, not wanting to be tied down, not wanting to settle, and not wanting to waste time. Obviously, I've deemed this drifting phenomenon, Life Purgatory.

As always, here are some things I think I've been thinking about:

I think on Monday I'll be starting my 4th week at my 3rd gym. I think I joined NYSC for 2 weeks and have now spent 1 free week at the Reebok gym. I don't think its helping me get in shape for the wedding.

I think the Reebok gym is amazing, and I would much rather pay $200 a month to go there ($1,200 initiation fee) than $100 to go to NYSC. I thought the Reebok gym had a basketball court but now I know they have TWO (and a rock climbing gym, a sun deck, pool, outdoor track, 3 story locker room w/full amenities, spa, dry cleaner, and 150,000 sqft in total).

I think someone told me that Brittany and Lindsey go there when they are staying in NYC.

I think there are 3 things you can have at work that make working more enjoyable and I think you only need 2 of them to stay at a job. I think those things are good money, good working environment (hours / coworkers), and doing what you enjoy.

I think I have the first two and 1/2 the third, teachers have the last two and bankers and lawyers have the other two. I just don’t understand how bankers enjoy their work. I think they are too dumb to realize that there are other things in the world out there or the money thing makes them enjoy their jobs more.

I think I saw a poster on a church that read “Come over my house Sunday before the game, God.”

I think JFK was the George Costanza of presidents. If he had stuck around longer, everyone would have hated him, but since he went out while on top, everyone remembers him as being the best, just like when George would tell a good joke at a meeting and just walk out.

I think that when I see a bag of something, and only the corner is missing, that the person who opened it made a spout that you can pore the chips/cereal/candy out of. I don’t understand people who think that it means you are supposed to try to fit your little fingers inside that little hole and take something out. I think it’s a spout!

I think I heard that you can get something similar to acupuncture called ear stapling in order to lose weight. I think they staple your ear lobe and then you’re not hungry anymore.

I think I've created a page w/all the things I need to buy or need someone to buy for me. It came to my attention that some Jews, like older sisters, make Christmas lists and then give them to their parents, like my parents, and get everything on thier lists. My birthday is in 1 week, hopefully, someone, like my sisters parents, will read this before then.

I think I watched 9 episodes of the office at work today. With the other 2 hours, I wrote this.


Anonymous said...

I think you mean 'dual use' not 'duel use' in regards to your wishlist....unless you plan on using your shirt to fight a one on one battle with a Knight

Anonymous said...

I am turning 27 in a little over a month and it terrifies me. It is the middle ground and seems the age when you are in the "adult" category and need to have everything together.

No more "teenage wasteland"

Happy Birthday is in Order!!

Anonymous said...

a guy i work with did the ear acupuncture weight loss thing. he lost like 30 pounds and spoke positively about the experience

Anonymous said...

Your sister's mom read the list.

Betty said...

maybe we should get together.