Friday, January 05, 2007

Birthday and Evites

I felt 60 yesterday. Luckly, at 10pm I was acting like a drunkin 19 year old, so it all evens out.

I sent out an evite but I'm no longer sure why anyone ever responds or what the point of responding is.

Out of the 27 people who said yes, 12 did not come. That's almost 1/2
Out of the 10 maybe's, 8 did not come.
Out of the 60 people who didn't respond, 16 came.

Lets just say that Evite wasn't even close to predicting who would come and who wouldn't. Do I email people who said "yes" and didn't come asking what happens? Who does that? At one point, evite dictated my life. Now, I think I might be done with it forever.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who did come. Twas nice seeing you and having a drink or 7 with you. I'm hungover...and I think I was in ONE picture.


beth said...

Ben, I told you I don't believe in evites any more...(and yes, you'll prob get one later this week w/venue for my party which you may or may not come to...)

Anonymous said...

how did that shirt work out for you saturday night?