Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ford Thoughts...

TMQ (bottom) brought up an interesting point yesterday. Who mourns a 93 year old former President? No one should. He lived a great, long, happy life and he should be celebrated. I really don't understand what Christian people are mourning, the President included, with yesterday's "National Day of Mourning." All people should mourn a life cut short, but that wasn't the case here, and Christians believe in the afterlife, heaven. Therefore, Ford's death should be celebrated by Christians, b/c if they do believe he was a great man, then they should believe he is in Heaven, and that's gotta be better than Earth. Yea, I ripped this entire thought process off, but I was thinking it, and it needed to be said.

NINE days of memorial stuff. NINE DAYS. The main reason we can't have a Jewish President is because if he died, and more importantly, if he died in office, he'd be burried before half of the country knew about it. Can you imagine if a former Jewish President had to have 4 services in 3 states in a 24 hour period? No party planner I know could schedule that. If I had to take a trip that crazy, and be infront of huge crouds in each place, you can be damn sure I'd rather be dead.

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Christine said...

My dad always says to me that when he dies he wants me to throw a big party in his name. I think he has the right idea. You celebrate the person's life, no matter how short. I believe they are going to a better place anyways.