Wednesday, January 24, 2007


The weeks been pretty busy, but here are some things I was "thinking" about.

I think I was watching the National Anthem being sung before the Colts / Pats game and had to rewind three times just to make sure I heard properly. I think Yolanda Adams definitely said, "gave proof, to the night, that our flag was still there." I’m not really sure how you prove anything to the night, but I think I can prove to you those are not the real words.

I think they only advertise Chia Pet and the Clapper in December. I've never seen a commercial outside of Christmas season.

I think that there is an unwritten social rule regarding smells that we’ll name “calling the pot.” I think the rule is pretty self explanatory, whenever a person smells pot, wherever in the world they are or under any circumstance, that person needs to be the first person to call it, and make sure everyone knows that they smell it. I think I was walking behind a cop and accidentially said I smelled pot. I think that probably wasn't good for the pot smokers.

I may have been drunk at the time, but when venting again about empire shirts, I think my friend told me you can’t buy anything else. I think she said that 80% of all shirts now are those ugly horrible maternity wear, so even though I think she knew I hated them, she told me she had no choice.

I don’t think I have any idea what bank branches are for. I think the last time I opened a bank account at a bank branch was when I was 18 years old and moving into college and I think my parents did it for me. I don’t think I’ve been in one since except to deposit cash from another account so mine wouldn’t be overdrawn. Seriously, what the hell are they for?!

I think I don’t go skiing because I don’t like wearing hats. I think I put a hat on, and it makes my head itch and makes me feel staticy, like I’ve got the worst hat head ever. I think I used to wear hats all the time in HS and have not since.

I don’t think I will ever go in the sauna at a gym again, especially the one at the NY health and racquet club at 23rd and 6th. I think my friend told me that her gay friend goes to the gym and hooks up every time he’s there. I think she said that he just goes to the sauna, and waits for another guy to come in, and they hook up, or just get off while the other watches. I think that is so disturbing.

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Anonymous said...

I THINK I was the one who pressed rewind while we watched the national anthem for the Colts/Pats game.