Tuesday, March 06, 2007

HSPD and AF30

The first Saturday of March is Hoboken St Patricks Day. As you may recall, my roommate and I used to have awesome parties when we lived in Hoboken. Now, we are just spectators, and must find parties to crash, in order to have a good time w/o waiting over an hour to get into a bar (I heard a horror story that someone waited 2.5 hours in line this weekend). We found 7 parties but only made it to 3. The best part about Hoboken St. Patricks day is the atmosphere. Everyone looking to have fun, everyone in green. It kinda felt like a cross between halloween and college homecoming (esp at Rutgers, where no one actually went to the football game). I wonder how it felt to be Irish and celebrating. I mean, if there was a Jewish holiday where people dressed up festively, partied in the streets, and drank and sang and danced, that would be pretty cool. Oh wait, that's called Purim, and it took place on Sunday on the Upper West Side. (Non Jewish people don't celebrate Purim the way non Irish people celebrate St Patrick's Day, so its a bit different).

I took some video's to set the scene...

View from Tom's apartment before the bars opened:

Tom's apartment at 10:45am:

On the roof of Tom's apartment before he got a ticket (what a beautiful day):

Tom's apartment at 1:30pm:

Steven playing the drums of some guy who was in the Parade (right, I forgot, there's a parade too):

Patty's apartment at 2:20pm:

Anyway, I took some pictures too, so Here They Are

Lastly, my first B-I-L turned 30 last week, so the 2nd half of the pictures are from his karoke birthday party. If you want to see A) how much of a sing along drunkin, private room, karoke can deteriorate into(I refuse to post this video so you'll have to click through for the horror). It's amazing how terrible our vocals become when we are just screaming the words at the top of our lungs (myself included considering I did sing a couple songs).

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