Monday, March 19, 2007

Quick Hits

I think it was so nice out on Wednesday, that I walked home from work. I think it took me 57 minutes to walk the 45 blocks and 9 avenues, or 6249 steps. At least that's what my Mickey Mouse pedometer said.

I think my friend Sandy Eggo, has major issues, esp w/her boyfriend. I think she said to me the other day " Guys are idiots!!! Early in the night I said we could maybe meet up then we both went out- I got shit faced and we texted a few times back and forth I go home at 1130 and start hugging the toilet all night- slept on the couch etc. I wake up this am to 9 missed calls from him and about 5 text the last one saying we are finished -and that he answers the phone and then he called like 2 more times after that all because I didn't respond cause I was puking! Grow UP! Its not his fault I was sick, but he over-reacted! Sometimes you guys are so immature!"

I think some things suck, some things are sad, some people are sad, and many things still need to be figured out.

I think I said this to some person on Saturday via text message "We have nothing in common. You make me feel bad about myself and we don't have any fun together."

I think I don't regret one word of it for a second, it was deserved.

I don't think booze is the answer to anyone's problems and I don't think I've been drunk in a long time.

I think that when you are discussing girl on girl action with a strap on, you are never talking about anal penetration, only normal sex. Why would you ever want a girl to do that to a girl? I don't think they even make porn like that.

I think some people enjoy making mountains out of molehills. I think, kinda like myself, life can be boring sometimes, unless you so something to spice it up. I think it's a similar action to lying to strangers in order to entertain yourself, but you alienate your friends and start fights with people who care about you, instead of strangers, which makes it very dangerous.

I think everyone thinks I'm an idiot.

I think I've been working really hard and need a vacation. I don't think my trip to Israel next week will be a vacation, more like a tiring trip.

I think that if anyone needs anything from Israel, put in your orders. I think we will be spending time all over the place, so if you need anything, I can probably get it.

I think I will be bringing an extra bag so that I can bring stuff home. I think I normally buy $300 worth of clothing a year for myself, but in Israel, I may go on a bit of a spending spree. I think they have nicer stuff at better prices and more of a European look and I think its good to support that economy.

I think the subject of the below video were a big hit in the under 7 crowd at my cousins bday party. I also think they were a big hit with the over 25 year old crowd. I think I always wanted to be the coolest kid in middle school, and now I'm almost there…once I learn some tricks.

Yes, I did it.

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